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blog articles Apr 20, 2021

I recently watched David Attenborough’s new documentary A Life On Our Planetand it moved me, it was so beautiful, a times really painful, in parts scary and mostly absolutely inspiring!

He has such a gift of authenticity that gets people’s attention and this documentary is no exception, I highly recommend you make time to watch it, it could change your life and the planet!

He tells the story of the environment through the frame of his life, how the natural world was when he was a boy and how it is now and David goes on to make predictions for the future that may not be as dark as most would predict, his main message is that Mother Nature has incredible power, she can regenerate and most obviously we need her to survive as eco system, a race and a planet.

As I watched, and cried for our planet, it got me fired up, “but what more can I do?” I kept thinking, “how can I help the environment more than I am already? How can I do more?” because it...

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The New Paradigm: Should You Be Afraid?

blog articles Apr 20, 2021

Well that all depends on wether you’re holding on tight to the past or sitting in all this uncertainty awaiting the Phoenix.

The New Paradigm is a subject in Human Design that can be challenging to get much information on and like you, for a long time I have wondered what it all means, what is true and what is just one person’s opinion.

I’d like to offer you my opinion, my research and how I see this all evolving, would you like to hear it?

I’m assuming only those that said yes are still here, so let’s do this!

To begin with we need to understand where we are right now in 2020, 7 years out from this mysterious New Paradigm, living in the depths of chaos and uncertainty.

We are at the end of a 400 year era, each era we live through has an Incarnation Cross all of it’s own that represents the ‘job’ of the era, it’s the purpose of the era let’s say, currently we are living under the Cross of Planning and everything that has...

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The One Human Design Thing That Might Be Blocking Your Superpowers!

blog articles Apr 20, 2021

We had to postpone our Membership launch because of this! SORRY but at least I have a great lesson for you!

In Human Design we can find a major part of the light we have to give to the world, ie the work we came here to do and what others need and want from us, in the Gate that sits in your Personality Sun (also in your Design Sun however this is more a natural and automatic energy).

The Sun is our doing, our gifts, what others want from us, our outer authority and the most energetically influential planet(sun) in our Design however there is a rule that must be followed in order to really step into the full potential of this gate in your Design.

You must first honour your Earth Gate because without this grounding the ability to fully be your potential is lost.

Let me run you through this to make it really easy to understand, let’s begin with my Personality Sun, Gate 37;

When your power is recognised when you hold family and community together with your warmth and nurturing...

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Shed The COVID kgs With Human Design

blog articles Apr 20, 2021

So if you’re in my FB group you’ll know that I’m running a Vitality experiment to increase my energy, fitness and wellbeing and reduce the extra winter and COVID padding.

In the past I have been super active, always at the gym doing HIIT, strength and cardio and honestly although I didn’t always love it at the time I did love the way it made me feel in my own skin, which is my ultimate goal, to feel great in my own skin.

As always I am all about making things easier, do less, receive more, perfect for HD as this is ultimately the underlying Principle to minismise resistance and increase flow, so why not make it easier for myself in fitness and health as well?

So HOW am I going to run this experiment I hear you all asking, ok here goes:

  1. Practice my PHS, from experimenting with my PHS these are the things I practice for the best digestion.
    • Colour Touch Calm
      1. Create calm environments to eat
      2. Only eat when I feel calm inside and out
      3. Take my time to make food and...
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Flow: A Practice Not a Destination

blog articles Apr 20, 2021

The Question I ask myself often lately is “What does freedom mean now?”

As life is changing so fast I am conscious to keep checking in with myself to make sure I am creating from my soul, not my mind, freedom is one of my highest values so I want to make sure I am connected to what that means for me at an energetic and soul level.

The answer that keeps coming up is “flow”, freedom means flow, the freedom to flow with my energy, to create easily and to have space to be in and enjoy the now.

I used to worry about the future a lot, always thinking about my future self and the new identity I was creating but it often just took me out my body and my flow and put me into my mind, truth is this is a habit I can get lost in still today.

So if freedom means flow for me then how do I create more flow?

To begin with I realised that like meditation, flow is a practice, the ability to let go of my thinking, my have to’s, my lists, and be in my body so I can...

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Abundance: The Journey From Survival To Service

blog articles Apr 20, 2021

Being a 3/5 I have had many years of trial and error, many lesson to learn and growth opportunites to pick myself up from to become the person I came here to be and one of those challanges was abundance.

I had wrestled with the Abundance piece in my life for so long, through my 20’s and 30’s and into my 40’s even, I’ve done all the clearing, changed my money mindset, practiced forgiveness and created my new identity. I meditated, gave gratitude and did all the manifesting things and it’s fair to say that I have now #nailedit, I vibrate Abundance!

Recently I have found myself reflecting on what specifically changed that saw a huge financial shift in a relatively short period of about 18 months? Was it just the eventual tipping point? Was it divine timing? Was it something else?

I strongly believe all the practices I have done for many years has made the space for this abundance and success to come in, however I now know it was me stepping into my Power,...

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I Never Finish ANYTHING!

blog articles Apr 20, 2021

This is a statement I hear all the time, in fact it’s something I used to say all the time becasue it felt sooooo true and it parts was.

I’m really grateful that HD gave me permission to be inconsistent because between my defined Solar Plexus and being a Manifesting Generator it’s my energy to be “inconsistent’, however I was really curious to know, was I using my natural energy resourcefully or unresourcefully? Was I making excuses to play small and telling myself it’s my HD it must be true?

I 100% was! I was using my HD as an excuse to stay small!

Being an MG means I am a non-linea being, sure, and I’m guided to jump from one thing to another when it’s correct for me to do so, I also want to do all the things, most of the time, not helped by having an open G meaning that I can achieve my purpose in oh so many ways BUT I used to have this niggling feeling that I was using this “non-linea” information as an excuse not to...

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What Are You Resisting...?

blog articles Apr 20, 2021

So I was on Insta yesterday playing with the question filter and this question popped up…

What do you love about yourself?

My instant answer was my courage and determination….totally surprising!!

I was reflecting on my answer later that night and wondered why I chose these attributes, why not my kindness and compassion? Or my confidence and enthusiasm? Or any of many other things I have come to love about myself…???

And it dawned on me…I was born kind, I have always been compassionate and enthusiastic and my confidence? Well, that turned up over time as I learned to value and love myself, but my courage and determination? Now that is something I have invested in daily, even when life was really hard and I had no self belief or trust in the Universe for that matter, these things I have built!!

My courage and determination is what bought me home to myself, my ability to feel afraid, anxious, not enough, even terrified and still move forward. The courage to...

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The New Paradigm

blog articles Apr 20, 2021

In Human Design we talk about the New Paradigm that begins in 2027 and what’s going on in the world right now is setting us up for it.

We’re finishing up a 400 year era that’s been about building the tribe, building communities, institutions and creating ‘likeness’ meaning bringing people that are alike together to grow and thrive…

As we move toward 2027 it’s on us to heal the unresourceful separation that came with this era, the part of us that’s says someone is better or worse because they are different…

In this time NOW the whole world is united towards one goal…eradicate this virus…

Do you hear me…we are globally united for one purpose for the first time in history!!

The world will never be the same and that’s a good thing, finally we’re learning to work together

What are you loving about your new world?

Big love, Mxx

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How Can We Heal Our Separation?

blog articles Apr 20, 2021

The fastest way to heal our global separation, that part of us that’s keeping you in scarcity and fear, is to heal the separation in each of us.

As long as we think someone else is better or worse then we believe we are better or worse, how do I know this is 100% truth without exception?

Because we can only experience out there (meaning in your reality/life/relationships/bank account) what’s going on in here (meaning your mind, soul and energy)

As we move toward this new era beginning in 2027 it’s on us to heal those parts of ourselves that we reject, ignore, put down and are ashamed of, its time to see our individual uniqueness as perfect and exactly as we’re meant to be.

That’s the power of Human Design it’s your uniqueness, your perfection and how you can live with flow, abundance and ease 

The Universe has given us this time to see that we can all be on the same team and completely different at the same time!!

We are a global team united...

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