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Are you tired of having a bunch of "information" about Human Design, but not knowing how to actually integrate it into your life? The Human Design Experience bridges the gap between where you are and where you want to be by showing you how to actually live your design, instead of just knowing it. Discover the freedom and abundance that comes from living in alignment with who you really are.

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Enough with the cookie-cutter methodologies that put you in a box and tell you who you should be. It's time to become your own guru, don't you think?

We're breaking the "rules" of Human Design...


Human Design is the fastest way to get the tangible results you've been chasing...the business, the abundance, the impact & the beautiful relationships...


...but too many people get trapped in the "knowledge" of Human Design, because nobody is teaching the experiment.


This is a place where you will not only learn your design, but know how to LIVE it.


Having information is great, but if you can't actually apply it to your life in a way that creates transformation, what's the point?!


Does this sound like you?


You KNOW you're on the edge of something greater in your life, it's just out of your reach, but you struggle to take the leap of faith and put full trust in yourself and the Universe

You're new to Human Design, OR are experienced and maybe even certified elsewhere, but you can't seem to INTEGRATE it into your life and struggle to follow your Strategy and "hear" your Authority

No matter how much you "learn" about Human Design, you still don't know how to look at your chart or someone else's and uncover the themes and answer questions

You've signed up for programs and other healing modalities before, but were disappointed that you didn't get the results you were promised

You struggle with getting out of the mind and into the BODY, perhaps you're confused about balancing listening to logic and intuition

Even though you KNOW what direction you're being called in or what "needs" to be done, you struggle with procrastination, lack of focus, self-sabotage and lack of action

You're unsure how to listen to or trust what the Universe is guiding you to do

Maybe you're struggling with burnout and have NO idea how to get out of it...there's no passion, you're just functioning


Inside The Human Design Experience, we teach the Transformational Human Design™ Method, where you will: 


LEARN how to live in alignment with your unique design so that you can experience the freedom of being who you truly are
UNDERSTAND what your purpose and unique gifts are, and how you're meant to deliver them to the world
STOP striving and struggling for success, heal from burnout and "hustle culture" and start getting paid to do what you love
FEEL the energy, purpose, creativity and joy that comes with living in alignment so that you can make the impact you know you're capable of
CREATE the life, freedom, career & relationships you desire (and know you deserve)
GIVE yourself permission to be your authentic self and feel confident in your worth and value
HEAL and let go of the patterns, behaviors and identities that don't serve you and hold you back from true success
BUILD healthy relationships with yourself & others by knowing your own design and being able to unpack others' charts

See what others are saying! See the magic of Human Design in action.


"The wealth of knowledge I received while working with Emma has helped me blossom as a Projector and I am finally living an aligned life. I was able to take everything I learned to start living within my energy, working fewer hours, doing work that lights me up, sharing and guiding others to their full potential. I was even able to start a Human Design and Intuitive business that has really taken off. I will forever be grateful to Emma for her guidance, compassion and knowledge. She's helped me live a more aligned, abundant life and I couldn't be happier. I look forward to continuing to learn and grow through her Membership and other opportunities in the future!"

Bronwyn Snell

"Joining the membership was a valuable stepping stone for me from being a human design enthusiast to gaining that confidence and knowledge to do readings myself. The membership is a gift that keeps on giving and inspiring. This is a place of endless and continuous building on your knowledge and understanding of human design, and Emma is always there hands on for support. What started as a pure hobby is now another stream of income for me, that brings me joy and a sense of true abundance because I know I have only just started this beautiful journey and I can nothing but recommend HDX."

Petra Bezic

"I tried many Human Design programs before joining the Human Design Experience Membership. With each program, I felt like there was something missing.  That all changed once I joined the HDX membership.  I finally found a course that provided answers to the many questions I had about my design.  The information was straight-forward, profound, and insightful.  The community is filled with people who are insightful and supportive as we explore and learn together.  On each call Emma provides amazing wisdom and invites amazing guests to share theirs as well.  This is hands down the best Human Design program out there!"

Danielle C.

"I'm so grateful for Emma and her HDX community. Since joining the community, I feel more seen, supported and understood than I ever have before. It's given me the tools, not just to know, but to really live my design in a grounded and supportive way. It's gotten me out of my head and into my heart. It's helped me live more in my purpose. I just love the community Emma has cultivated and the quality of humans she attracts to her. HDX has not only changed the way I understand, teach and share Human Design with my clients, it has helped me create happier relationships with my family and friends, build unshakable clarity in my business and improve my physical and mental health with ease. Thanks, Emma. I appreciate all you do!"

Jennifer B.

"I found Emma through her podcasts and I immediately was like, "what is this???"  THIS is life changing information. Emma brings MAGIC to HDX by being aligned with her own type, strategy, and authority in addition to her commitment to her own personal growth and development. HDX brings tools, experience, support, connections, language, knowledge, and EMPOWERMENT. I used less than 10% of the material available to me and I experienced transformation.  There are MULTIPLE WAYS to connect DIRECTLY with Emma consistently in addition to the modules with journal prompts!  Consistent access to her coaching people on the facebook lives, the hot seats, or the live panels is my favorite part.  I get something from every human that shows up and asks a question that Emma responds to. AND I can connect with these humans more deeply on the various platforms and places!  She goes above and beyond and consistently delivers beyond my expectations.   I joined HDX only to learn more about Human Design, I did not expect to experience the transformation that has happened. I am beginning to trust in myself and my design in a whole new way - I have never felt so much confidence and trust- rather than my usual doubt and confusion.  It feels like I jumped on a speed train to freedom, sovereignty and MY DREAMS and connection to MY values.  As I step more and more into my lane in deeper and deeper ways, more is revealed and my usual brain chatter is less and less powerful. I am becoming my own guru more and more each day "

Amy C.

"The membership is SO good, and I think everybody needs this. Even if you have trained with somebody else, you need to come LIVE and EXPERIENCE it with Emma. I get so much value from the way she describes things, and one of the best parts is that it's an actual Integrative experience. So many people are confused about how to live their designs but Emma puts it in such an approachable and understandable way. She takes you from the knowledge to the integration which not many people do."

Jess Bubbico

"HDX is the first full human design course I have purchased, and I feel it is well worth it. Emma's personality and laid-back teaching style are what initially drew me in. There is so much to digest within the course material, and you can go as fast or slow as you choose... You can go in order or skip around. The versatility is awesome. I love that the content within the course is constantly expanding. In addition to the "lectures," there are worksheets/cheat sheets, journal exercises, various trainings from other experts within the HD realm, and panels of members of the HDX community. There are plenty of practical suggestions to help integrate the teachings into everyday life. If I ever have any questions or if I am looking for some HD advice, I know that I can always turn to the members within the Facebook community. Everyone is eager to help and support each other. I love being a part of the HDX community."

Christina B.

"Being a part of HDX has been transformational in the growth and understanding of not just me, but loved ones around me and why we are or do the things we do. It has strengthened my relationship with my husband as well as other family and friends relations. There is a foundation that you started for me to jump off and live my design. Finding that there is more to me than my thoughts. That getting in my body and connecting with the feelings, sensations and knowings has also helped me understand where my food addiction habit started and why. 

Human Design has opened a whole new world for me. I have been able to find courage to do things where I would have shied away before. Learning how the planets affect me daily has been a huge resource in stopping the monkey mind and just listening to what my S&A are telling me. Trusting in my body to lead the way. 

So, honestly, I have to thank you for making it easy to understand and apply HD to my life."

Christine L.

"You will discover more about yourself than you ever thought possible. Emma's style is open and honest and her understanding of Human Design sets her apart. Imagine looking into a mirror and seeing yourself for the first time - that's how you will feel after going through this process."

Donal Kearney

"Joining the HDX community has been the best decision that I have made for my personal development. After trying all sorts of therapists and techniques for self-growth, I found on Human Design and specially in Emma’s programs the practicality and tools that I was missing in the others. Emma really helps you to dig in and understand the information in a way that you can really relate to. With all the content available in the portal and the podcast, I found the support that I was looking to find my way. With also constant access to a like-minded community where I can share my experience. I’m now currently on the Mastermind 2.0 and all what I have learned and become aware of in the last month have shown me the opportunity to become a better me, find my space and identify my challenges. It wouldn’t have been possible alone. All the realisations that I have achieved are mind blowing. I understand now that being part of this community is a long-term journey and that I chose it to be part of my life. Can’t wait to keep unfolding it with Emma and all the team around it. Eternally thankful for it!"

Marta P.

“I joined HDX membership in May and since then I’ve been in there everyday learning and I love it! There is so much information, and I’ve come a long way in understanding Human Design in these months. Before I started it was quite confusing to me. I was also so moved about the warm welcome I got in the HDX member Facebook group- Wow! I’m looking forward to everything that’s coming up. Can’t wait to learn even more."

Sara G.

"It exceeded my expectations as we not only learnt everything I expected from a HD perspective, but we did so much inner healing work along the way, which really allowed me to see and accept my gifts and strengths that I not acknowledged in the past."


-Kerrie C.

Hey, I'm Emma.

Here's a little about my story...

In 2018, I had been studying human behavior for 14 years...
It had me in a place where I healed my depression, I healed my panic disorder, I healed a relationship...
There were so many GREAT things going on in my life, however I felt incredibly unfulfilled...
I knew it was meant to feel better than this, I knew something was missing...
I still wasn't getting paid to do what I loved, I didn't have that passion or fire inside me I thought I would feel...
I didn't have the TANGIBLE results.
But then, the Universe delivered what I had asked for...
It gave me what I needed to fully step into my purpose...
And Human Design came to me (for the third time), and this time I couldn't ignore it.
I went ALL IN, and I realized that the reason I wasn't getting paid to do what I loved is because I was lying to myself about what I loved...
I was operating from my conditioning and what other people told me I "should" do or who I "should" be...
I was playing it safe, I was out of alignment with my design...
I resisted and rejected Human Design so many times because I didn't want just another cookie cutter methodology to put me in a box and tell me who I was...
These methods didn't work for me, and they don't work for you either!
The reason you're not living in alignment with your truth is because you're trying to think your way into alignment by "knowing" the details of your design but not actually integrating and embodying them...
I realized that there aren't many coaches out there teaching people how to LIVE their designs...
When I committed to the experiment of Human Design and fully integrated it, EVERYTHING changed.
I have a hugely successful business on it's way to 7 figures...
I have a leading podcast in my industry...
I'm living the digital nomad life traveling around with my family and working less...
I have the most beautiful relationship with my husband and happy children....
And most of all, I have the freedom to be ME!
I've learned how to live in alignment with my design, and so can you...
That's what we came here to do!
Join the Human Design Experience and watch it come to life for yourself.