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The podcast for all things human design! The purpose of human design is to learn how to let go of resistance, change your unconscious conditioning and live more as YOU! Human Design is the permission slip you need to break free from the person you're unhappy with, the one you don't want to be, and connect you with your truth with a step by step action plan to ease, flow and authenticity.

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The Answer To Life's Biggest Questions


Human Design is the ultimate tool for answering the big questions of who am I, why am I here and what is my purpose? It is also incredibly accurate process of unblocking unconscious beliefs and patterns and de-conditioning meaning it’s the best tool out there to support you to let go of who you think you should be and connect and become the person you really are.

My personal mission is to live a life where I live my fullest potential and everything I share in this podcast, including Human Design are the tools that supports me and my clients to do this, to experience our best self journey daily.

My 7 year old self used to plead to my mum “Why can’t everyone just get along?” would you believe my North Star in my Design is the Gate of Peace and Flow.

My collective mission is Peace! We can only experience Peace in our external world once we have it in our internal world, so it’s my mission to work with people to fall back in love with themselves and find their Peace, then we can experience Peace on our planet.

This podcast is a tool to self coach through mindset, brain science, Human behaviour mastery tools and strategies, Human Design and spirituality.

It’s where science meets spirituality to master yourself and your life so you can heal, transform, create and then serve others from your journey.

Please send any topics or questions you’d like me to cover in an upcoming podcast to [email protected]

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