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Understanding Human Design Profile

profile Apr 29, 2022

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Your Profile is the tool kit you came here to use, it's how you go about fulfilling your purpose

Your profile also tells you what others want from you and what they see in you.

Let's keep it simple, here are the profile lines broken down:

LINE 1: self-focused, aware of their impact on others, loves research, learning and knowledge. Can get stuck in "non-action" fearing they don't know enough

LINE 2: gifted, naturally talented, when their energy is ready people will call their talents out of them. Can be unaware of their emotional outbursts

LINE 3: Experiential learner, calls out what's not working, often takes a few tries to learn the lesson through experimentation. May have unresourceful beliefs of "why do I have to do things the hard way?"

LINE 4: Here to change how people feel about others, they create their life through the opportunities that come from their people. Can be stuck in a...

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What is Profile in Human Design?

profile Aug 22, 2021
What is Profile in Human Design?
Your Profile is 'how' you go about fulfilling your purpose and living your life.
The themes of the two line numbers of your profile also tell you what others want from and see in you, for example I am a 3/5, so people want my leadership, experience and out of the box solutions.
If you have a small number first then you have personal karma, meaning you're designed to focus first on your own life journey and then on others, you are creating the karma by living and riding the rollercoaster of life.
If you have the larger number first then you will be directed on your path by bumping into someone, you may meet someone who takes you in a new direction or meet someone you need to help and that takes you in another direction.   You are cleaning up karma through this Transpersonal process.
Your Profile comes from the line number on your Personality sun, for example 37.3, your first profile number is a 3, then the...
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