What is Profile in Human Design?

profile Aug 23, 2021
What is Profile in Human Design?
Your Profile is 'how' you go about fulfilling your purpose and living your life.
The themes of the two line numbers of your profile also tell you what others want from and see in you, for example I am a 3/5, so people want my leadership, experience and out of the box solutions.
If you have a small number first then you have personal karma, meaning you're designed to focus first on your own life journey and then on others, you are creating the karma by living and riding the rollercoaster of life.
If you have the larger number first then you will be directed on your path by bumping into someone, you may meet someone who takes you in a new direction or meet someone you need to help and that takes you in another direction.   You are cleaning up karma through this Transpersonal process.
Your Profile comes from the line number on your Personality sun, for example 37.3, your first profile number is a 3, then the line number on your Design Sun, for example 9.5, your second number is 5. You're a 3/5.
The first number is From the Personality, Conscious, Black, right hand side of your chart and this is a theme that you will be very aware of, you're most likely living in alignment with it and demonstrating some shadow behaviours of your profile too.
The second number is from you Design, Natural, Unconscious, Red, Left side of your chart and this theme will be more natural, less obvious but still playing a significant role in your life.
Profile gives you one of your significant life themes and helps you know how you're designed to work and create. It also gives you an understanding of how to give your outer authority, that is, the gifts we use to serve the world. 
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