Understanding Human Design Profile

profile Apr 30, 2022

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Your Profile is the tool kit you came here to use, it's how you go about fulfilling your purpose

Your profile also tells you what others want from you and what they see in you.

Let's keep it simple, here are the profile lines broken down:

LINE 1: self-focused, aware of their impact on others, loves research, learning and knowledge. Can get stuck in "non-action" fearing they don't know enough

LINE 2: gifted, naturally talented, when their energy is ready people will call their talents out of them. Can be unaware of their emotional outbursts

LINE 3: Experiential learner, calls out what's not working, often takes a few tries to learn the lesson through experimentation. May have unresourceful beliefs of "why do I have to do things the hard way?"

LINE 4: Here to change how people feel about others, they create their life through the opportunities that come from their people. Can be stuck in a group trying to change others when they could be finding more aligned people

LINE 5: Here to change how people feel about themselves. Healers, superheroes, problem solvers. Mirrors for other people's wounds through a projection field, may be overly concerned with what others think of them

LINE 6: Here to be authentically themselves, on a journey from experimenting to creating wisdom to being the role model. Here to find their soulmate but may project their own sh*t onto them before their wisdom kicks in.

Essentially, profile outlines part of your significant life themes and helps you understand how you work and create.

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