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I Never Finish ANYTHING!

blog articles Apr 20, 2021

This is a statement I hear all the time, in fact it’s something I used to say all the time becasue it felt sooooo true and it parts was.

I’m really grateful that HD gave me permission to be inconsistent because between my defined Solar Plexus and being a Manifesting Generator it’s my energy to be “inconsistent’, however I was really curious to know, was I using my natural energy resourcefully or unresourcefully? Was I making excuses to play small and telling myself it’s my HD it must be true?

I 100% was! I was using my HD as an excuse to stay small!

Being an MG means I am a non-linea being, sure, and I’m guided to jump from one thing to another when it’s correct for me to do so, I also want to do all the things, most of the time, not helped by having an open G meaning that I can achieve my purpose in oh so many ways BUT I used to have this niggling feeling that I was using this “non-linea” information as an excuse not to...

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What Are You Resisting...?

blog articles Apr 20, 2021

So I was on Insta yesterday playing with the question filter and this question popped up…

What do you love about yourself?

My instant answer was my courage and determination….totally surprising!!

I was reflecting on my answer later that night and wondered why I chose these attributes, why not my kindness and compassion? Or my confidence and enthusiasm? Or any of many other things I have come to love about myself…???

And it dawned on me…I was born kind, I have always been compassionate and enthusiastic and my confidence? Well, that turned up over time as I learned to value and love myself, but my courage and determination? Now that is something I have invested in daily, even when life was really hard and I had no self belief or trust in the Universe for that matter, these things I have built!!

My courage and determination is what bought me home to myself, my ability to feel afraid, anxious, not enough, even terrified and still move forward. The courage to...

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The New Paradigm

blog articles Apr 20, 2021

In Human Design we talk about the New Paradigm that begins in 2027 and what’s going on in the world right now is setting us up for it.

We’re finishing up a 400 year era that’s been about building the tribe, building communities, institutions and creating ‘likeness’ meaning bringing people that are alike together to grow and thrive…

As we move toward 2027 it’s on us to heal the unresourceful separation that came with this era, the part of us that’s says someone is better or worse because they are different…

In this time NOW the whole world is united towards one goal…eradicate this virus…

Do you hear me…we are globally united for one purpose for the first time in history!!

The world will never be the same and that’s a good thing, finally we’re learning to work together

What are you loving about your new world?

Big love, Mxx

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How Can We Heal Our Separation?

blog articles Apr 20, 2021

The fastest way to heal our global separation, that part of us that’s keeping you in scarcity and fear, is to heal the separation in each of us.

As long as we think someone else is better or worse then we believe we are better or worse, how do I know this is 100% truth without exception?

Because we can only experience out there (meaning in your reality/life/relationships/bank account) what’s going on in here (meaning your mind, soul and energy)

As we move toward this new era beginning in 2027 it’s on us to heal those parts of ourselves that we reject, ignore, put down and are ashamed of, its time to see our individual uniqueness as perfect and exactly as we’re meant to be.

That’s the power of Human Design it’s your uniqueness, your perfection and how you can live with flow, abundance and ease 

The Universe has given us this time to see that we can all be on the same team and completely different at the same time!!

We are a global team united...

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The Number One Thing That Holds High Achievers Back

blog articles Apr 20, 2021

Today I find myself being called to stand up and own my experience and ability as a leading behavioural coach and F*** I feel as ready as I did last weekend abseiling for the first time in 26 years, BUT I’m going to employ the exact same strategy here as I did on top of the cliff…believe in myself, do as I’m told and step off the bloody cliff….easy right!!

So here goes…

I’m going to start with a story from the weekend to describe something that so many of us high achieving Aussies unconsciously battle every day, especially the women!

So on Sunday, we went horse riding, simple enough but here’s the thing, for the first time in my life when asked at one of these trail riding places “do you have any experience?” I was honest “Yes,” I said, the lady still looking at her clipboard says “how many hours approximately?” I say “Oh 30 years”…she looks up, “What sort of riding?” she...

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40 Somethings, before you blow up your life do this one thing…

blog articles Apr 20, 2021

My forty something friends out there, I have a question for you…

Why do you think you have to navigate your forty something roller coaster (growth opportunity, midlife crisis, life explosion, whatever you want to call it) alone?

There is this huge misconception that because we live in a time where we are surrounded by personal development books, programs, speakers and endless resources that you SHOULD sort this sh*t out by yourself.

People believe that by reading a few books that you suddenly become an expert.

Well, I call bullshit!!

Here’s the thing, do you know what a good behavioural coach actually does?

We expand your unconscious mind, your internal representation of the world, we literally change your reality. We do this through methods, models and strategies that usually you are completely unaware we are using and ultimately take what is unconscious to you and therefore difficult to change and make it conscious.

And this is where the magic happens.

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Find Yourself At Forty Something

blog articles Apr 20, 2021

Did you know that there is a growth phase around 40?

I know right…why does no one talk about this?

At forty you’re transitioning into a new version of yourself, you’re going through a rebirth and that’s exciting OR TERRIFYING.

I bet you’ve heard of the midlife crisis well it’s the same thing except our society has labelled it as a bad thing when in fact it’s a good thing and I’m here to tell you this is YOUR time to rediscover yourself and what lights you up.

I bet you’re thinking ” Yes but Emma BUT I have all this to take care of work, money, kids, relationship, family, getting to the gym, eating well, not drinking so much and the rest of it, I know I need to do something to change the way I feel but I just don’t have the time”. The truth is it’s not all going to fall apart if you focus on yourself for a while.

The thing about being in this life stage is if you resist it and try to manage your way...

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Judgement and Disconnection...

blog articles Apr 20, 2021

Why are there so many unhappy, disillusioned, stressed out and grumpy people out there today?

Why is stress the number one health issue in the corporate sector today even though everyone is talking about meditation, eating well and exercise?

Why is it so hard to motivate and inspire great teams and leadership right now?

The answer to all these questions is one thing…People are completely disconnected from or too afraid to be who they are!!

We have created a culture, at least in the western world where publicly shaming and criticising others is ok, in fact more than that it’s championed by certain parts of the mainstream media, this has taught people that it’s a good thing to judge others and share your negative opinion with whomever will listen even if unsolicited or with no basis in fact or value.

This behaviour has had a damning effect on our self worth, suicide rates are rising and our children are suffering from anxiety and depression at younger and younger...

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Building A Better Team Starts With You

blog articles Apr 20, 2021

Building better teams is all about empowering people to be better versions of themselves, to take responsibility for their results and giving them the opportunity to experience what they are really capable of.

If you have children you’ll know that you can tell them what to do until you’re blue in the face but they won’t do what you want them to do but the moment you drop the F bomb in front of them it’s the only thing they can say for the next three days, well the reason for this is because children do not do what we tell them, they model who we are being to learn how to be in their world and your team is exactly the same.

If you’re frustrated and tired of fixing ‘problems’ that are not yours or asking for things to be done and getting nothing then this is the article for you.

When you’re managing people the person you are ‘being’ will influence the entire teams results, if you’re not taking responsibility neither...

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