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healthy planet Apr 20, 2021

I recently watched David Attenborough’s new documentary A Life On Our Planetand it moved me, it was so beautiful, a times really painful, in parts scary and mostly absolutely inspiring!

He has such a gift of authenticity that gets people’s attention and this documentary is no exception, I highly recommend you make time to watch it, it could change your life and the planet!

He tells the story of the environment through the frame of his life, how the natural world was when he was a boy and how it is now and David goes on to make predictions for the future that may not be as dark as most would predict, his main message is that Mother Nature has incredible power, she can regenerate and most obviously we need her to survive as eco system, a race and a planet.

As I watched, and cried for our planet, it got me fired up, “but what more can I do?” I kept thinking, “how can I help the environment more than I am already? How can I do more?” because it...

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