How To Build A Business Using Your Human Design

How to easily create and grow an aligned, thriving business with the power of your unique energetic blueprint.

with Emma Dunwoody

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Build a successful business that’s authentically yours....

What if your greatest success is just on the other side of breaking all the rules that are “supposed” to get you there?

If you’re reading this, you’re probably sitting in one of 2 places…

1️⃣ You want to start a business, but you’re not sure where to start, and the amount of information about what to do and how to do it, feels paralyzing

2️⃣ You have a a business and you’re ready to grow and scale, but when you try to follow everyone else’s strategies and rules for success, they don’t actually work for you (and ultimately make you believe something is wrong with you, or that you’re just not cut out for business)

I see you. I hear you. I was you.

After building a thriving business that has made multiple 7-figures in the last 3 years, what I can tell you is this… ⬇️ ⬇️


The reason building your successful business is “not working” is because you’re approaching business through the lens of someone else’s success and someone else’s strategies.


If you speak with anyone who has experienced the benefits of living by their Human Design (myself included) you’ll most likely hear them say they started seeing results and success when they started to truly get to know who they were and trust themselves instead of searching for the next hot business strategy.

Your Human Design is your energetic blueprint, and is FULL of potential just waiting to help you build the successful business you’re meant to create in this lifetime.

Learning to trust yourself and live your Human Design is, in essence, “breaking the rules” because your design is unique, and it’s not going to be like anyone else. (This is why most people just go with other people’s strategies, because they don’t want to “break the rules”)…

And if you’re reading this right now you’re probably someone who doesn’t care too much about rules…

My greatest success has come from doing the things everyone told me not to do, from breaking the rules and creating my own way.

When I harnessed the power of my unique design, that’s when everything changed, my business skyrocketed 🚀 and my audience grew like crazy.


THIS is what I’m going to teach you on this workshop…how to create the kind of success you’ve always dreamed of, by doing something you’ve probably never thought of.


I’m not going to give you the typical “step one, two and three” to create success, you’ve seen enough of that kind of advice and frankly, it doesn’t hold the same kind of power as what I’m going to teach you.

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What you're going to discover in this workshop....

➡️ why everyone else’s strategies and “steps” haven’t worked for you so far (and what actually will work instead)

➡️ the 3 phases of business: start-up, growth and scale, and what actions, beliefs, strategies and human design elements will help you succeed in each phase

➡️ how to use your human design chart to never second guess yourself again, and trust your internal guidance to make decisions that lead you closer to success

➡️ how you’re uniquely designed to attract the right clients and people to you

➡️ how to get out of “analysis paralysis” and take action you feel confident and clear about

➡️ how to use human design to give you something stronger and more tangible than traditional manifestation techniques

77 AUD *available only for a limited time!

Let's Do This!

Who is Emma Dunwoody?

Emma Dunwoody is a Human Design Expert, Master Coach, Behavioral Specialist and host of the #1 Global Human Design Podcast. She wakes people up to the power within them using her unique method of Transformational Human Design, a system of self-knowledge and guidance unlike anything else that exists.

Her vision is to take Human Design mainstream so it becomes more widely accepted than any other global profiling, behavioral or healing system — she believes it will transform personal development, education, and business forever. Emma wants to inspire everyone to unlock their inner wisdom, take their power back and feel deeply confident in the decisions they make. This will create a population that values themselves and courageously lives their truth, which will deliver us to a new paradigm of peace, joy, and abundance.

"With my human design journey, the biggest change for me has been in my self-trust. Getting to know who I am designed to actually be has given me this rock-solid belief in myself - it’s ironic as that’s what I coach out into the world; how to believe in yourself. Yet all this time I only had a superficial belief in MYself. Of course, now when I coach it’s 100% through the lens of HD, which means my clients are getting a very powerful experience.

But not only that, since I made this change to my business, re-branded and committed to HD, my business has grown so much, I can’t quite believe the bookings I’m getting now after years of struggling and hustling. It feels almost too easy!"

Sarah L.


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