Without This, You Will Never Align to Your Design - The Human Design Podcast #276

podcast May 17, 2023

In today's episode, I want to focus on 'change' because this is also an area where I feel Human Design can sometimes let you down.

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When we are thinking of change, perhaps we feel something isn't working, somethings broken or needs fixing, (by the way it's none of these!) Now to change from where we are to where we're going... we need a Goal or something to focus on! Join me as I dive into what this can mean for you, and how I can teach this with you.

In this episode, we touch on:

  • My upcoming trip to The Camino and some guests we have lined up while I'm away
  • The Mexico Retreat!
  • Transformational Human Design and how I created it
  • Change - where it comes from, while we feel we need it
  • Goals or future visions for yourself and how they provide momentum
  • Focusing on what you DO know, not what you don't know
  • Balance between "I" and the heart/will
  • Where Human Design might let us down
  • Choosing your Focal Point
  • Finding Purpose and Momentum
  • Staying present

I leave you with a little homework assignment and some questions to help you choose your focal point and start moving forward.

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