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Shed The COVID kgs With Human Design

So if you’re in my FB group you’ll know that I’m running a Vitality experiment to increase my energy, fitness and wellbeing and reduce the extra winter and COVID padding.

In the past I have been super active, always at the gym doing HIIT, strength and cardio and honestly although I didn’t always love it at the time I did love the way it made me feel in my own skin, which is my ultimate goal, to feel great in my own skin.

As always I am all about making things easier, do less, receive more, perfect for HD as this is ultimately the underlying Principle to minismise resistance and increase flow, so why not make it easier for myself in fitness and health as well?

So HOW am I going to run this experiment I hear you all asking, ok here goes:

  1. Practice my PHS, from experimenting with my PHS these are the things I practice for the best digestion.
    • Colour Touch Calm
      1. Create calm environments to eat
      2. Only eat when I feel calm inside and out
      3. Take my time to make food and...
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