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Abundance: The Journey From Survival To Service

abundance human design Apr 20, 2021

Being a 3/5 I have had many years of trial and error, many lesson to learn and growth opportunites to pick myself up from to become the person I came here to be and one of those challanges was abundance.

I had wrestled with the Abundance piece in my life for so long, through my 20’s and 30’s and into my 40’s even, I’ve done all the clearing, changed my money mindset, practiced forgiveness and created my new identity. I meditated, gave gratitude and did all the manifesting things and it’s fair to say that I have now #nailedit, I vibrate Abundance!

Recently I have found myself reflecting on what specifically changed that saw a huge financial shift in a relatively short period of about 18 months? Was it just the eventual tipping point? Was it divine timing? Was it something else?

I strongly believe all the practices I have done for many years has made the space for this abundance and success to come in, however I now know it was me stepping into my Power,...

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