The Human Design Roadmap (Part 10): The 4 Arrows - The Human Design Podcast #272

podcast May 02, 2023

We're back with Part 10 of the Human Design Roadmap Series! The purpose of this series is to help you answer the ultimate question, "Okay, I have my chart...NOW what?!" If you've discovered Human Design, but are overwhelmed and confused, I'm giving you the freaking roadmap! I also give a little tease of my new model, Transformational Human Design, so stay tuned for more episodes on this! I'm so excited to share this with you!

In this episode of The Human Design Podcast, I'm going to be talking about The 4 Arrows and breaking it all down in a super simple way so you can start to integrate and live in alignment!

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As you look at your chart, the four arrows can be found around the head of the bodygraph. There are two arrows on the lefthand side and two on the right. These 4 Arrows were mathematically a part of the original download channeled by Ra are spot on - they definitely have a story to tell you! In my opinion, some of Ra's original terminology can make these arrows more challenging to understand and interpret, but join me as I explore each of these arrows and the potential they hold for you.

If you don't have your chart in front of you, you can download one at my website here.

In this episode, I share my personal experiences (of course) and dive into the following:

  •  What are colour and tone? How do they relate to the 4 Arrows?
  • The top left-hand arrow, The Primary Health System (PHS), and how we digest life (not necessarily digesting food). Also, how the words Determination and Cognition relate to PHS.
  •  The bottom left-hand arrow, Environment. This is the physical environment you will thrive in and will support your physical health and well-being.
  • Taking a look at the Gates sitting next to each arrow and how to incorporate those themes and play around with integrating them.
  • I share about the direction of your arrows and what it means if they point to the left or right.
  • On the bottom right-hand side, this is Perspective, how we are meant to see the world and how it's tied to your North and South Nodes.
  • The top right-hand arrow is Motivation. What we are designed to think about and what people want from us. I also share about the Trajectory, what this means, and how this plays out.
  • I then share some correlations around your current age and which arrows to focus on and some good questions to ask yourself as you experiment.

The language surrounding the 4 arrows is not meant to be literal, it's often metaphorical. Remember that as you experiment with these themes and see what's true for you! Also, I want to leave you with a reminder that it's not the individual parts of our chart - it's the sum and how we bring all the parts together. Just follow your instinct and where it is leading you when it comes to learning your chart! Trust that you'll get everything you need when you follow your intuition.

Big Love.


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