The Human Design Podcast Episode #269 The Secret to Becoming Wildly Wealthy with Sandy Forster

podcast Apr 21, 2023

I'm SO excited to bring this incredible guest to you today, and the woman responsible for bringing the movie 'The Secret' to Australia (yes, you read that right)...In this episode, I'm chatting with the amazing 6/3 Emotional Manifestor with the Cross of Separation, Sandy Forster. She is someone I have followed for quite some time and today I'm so excited to sit down with her and have a chat about how she went from being on welfare to becoming a millionaire in an incredibly short time by utilizing the power of manifestation, rewiring belief systems and a lot of commitment.

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Sandy Forster is the money mindset mentor for women world-wide who are ready to experience more abundance, prosperity and money in their life. Sandy went from welfare to millionaire and was featured in ‘Oprah’s Aussie Secret’ and loves inspiring and empowering women to break through their blocks, attract abundance and experience time and money freedom to do the things that make their heart sing.

Her award-winning international bestseller How to Be Wildly Wealthy Fast has been translated into over 11 languages (and banned to over 1.4 billion people because it was too empowering!). She’s the host of the Wildly Wealthy Women podcast and has transformed hundreds of thousands of women’s lives around the world.

We start off with Sandy sharing a bit about her journey and how she wound up as a single mom on welfare and massively in debt. She tells about her hardships and how it got to the place where the lack of money seemed to be controlling her life. She then mentions her turning point of discovering personal development and positive thinking and how this can be used to not only heal, but to manifest abundance. The Law of Attraction became a game changer! Now she had a tool to manifest the life she wanted and could visualise herself as a millionaire - and it worked within four years!

Sandy points out that working on your money mindset is a lifetime thing - just like going to the gym. You have to make good choices daily to continue to manifest wealth. We then go into a variety of strategies that will help you attract the future you want and keep it exciting. Sandy recommends doing little things that keep you focused on what you want to create like a vision board, affirmations, singing about it, adding visualisations or affirmations to your phone - even self-created voice notes!

We then talk about the science and mechanics behind the Law of Attraction and how we get it work with and for us. Sandy says you must be aligned for The Secret to work all of the time. Sandy speaks about how she got connected to The Secret, how it transformed her life and how it taught her the importance of taking action. Yes, you need to align body, mind and spirit, but when you do that, you need to take action to start manifesting.

I ask Sandy about money blocks and what to do when abundance dries up a bit. We discuss the apprehension around manifestation - in the beginning you're manifesting everything you want, there's a "beginner's luck" type of feeling, but then one day it may slow down or stop. This then can cause a feeling of panic, though it shouldn't. Once you start to panic and focus on the lack, you're pushing what you want out of your life. One temporary misstep will plant an energetic seed of doubt, which can grow if you aren't careful. 

If things aren't working out, that's the time to do the happy dance - get excited! If you start to worry, talk about it, question it over and over again, the manifestation won't work. So do your happy dance and just know that The Universe has something bigger and better in store for you. Sometimes you have to surrender and let the Universe do its thing...when you are holding on so tight to the outcome and noticing it's not there, you aren't creating space for abundance to come in! It's hitting your energetic force field - so start removing brick by brick and allow the good things to come in. Get excited about it, visualise it, celebrate it, feel grateful for it and then let it go and let the Universe work behind the scenes.

I share a personal story about being so focused on the future that I forget to sit with and be grateful for my successes each day. Sandy relates as an entrepreneur and recommends a gratitude journal that documents what you've been grateful for each day, which then keeps you mindful and in the moment. If you can have moments of gratitude consistently, then you are celebrating your wins and attracting more to you. Another great practice is to share your successes with others. By doing that, you can inspire and empower others and it creates such a positive energy amongst you all. It also helps you plant seeds in your life for amazing things to come in.

Next, I bring up Blocks - how I've noticed clients getting so obsessed with their money blocks and trying to fix this, that they seem to be missing out on what they can create and bring into the world. Sandy recognises that everyone has a block, we all have something. It's not important to dig through your entire life and analyse it all, you need to focus on what it is you want to create. Then, IF something is not showing up or there is some resistance, then you can spend some time acknowledging these thoughts and ideas. Sometimes just an awareness of these ideas can help them pass. It's all about being mindful and putting your energy and focus into things that will bring you the future you want. Sandy shares her "Bulldozer Method" and how this has helped her manifest and deal with any resistance.

We then get into intuition and how to use it for manifestation. We talk about visualisation and what that actually looks like - it doesn't have to be an actual picture, it can be a knowing or a feeling. Sandy shares her metaphor for connecting to your intuition and the power of meditation in your manifestation practice. We deep dive into meditation and a proper, consistent practice to help you usher in what you desire. 

Finally, Sandy shares her top four tricks to manifesting more money!


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