The Human Design Podcast Episode #267 Healing The World's Love with Sasha & Daniel from The Wilde Way

podcast Apr 14, 2023

In this episode, I have on two special guests Sasha and Daniel from The Wilde Way. Sasha is a 2/4 Sacral Generator and Daniel is a 5/1 Emotional Manifesting Generator. Together they've built a beautiful relationship and they teach others to do the same - to create love that has depth, intimacy and vulnerability.

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Sasha and Daniel specialise in relationships, human behaviour and experiential healing. Their collective 14 years as coaches taught them that patterns from previous relationships and upbringing adversely affect people's potential in love. Sasha and Daniel's mission is to heal the world's love by developing heart-led programs encompassing their signature five program codes to heal the love within you. No matter your love situation, it's time to find love, strengthen love, or lovingly uncouple so you can experience the love you desire.

As we jump into our conversation, Sasha and Daniel share their catalytic moment to create The Wilde Way. For them, it was one conversation that started everything. During a profound meditation, Sasha had a powerful experience and vision that included Daniel that caused deep grief and wounding. This sparked her awareness that she had a deep soul attachment to her then-friend, Daniel, which she shared with him in an intimate conversation. From that point forward, they were both in on the relationship and there was a deep understanding from both sides.

Due to their physical distance at the beginning of their relationship, this one conversation led to many conversations that built a strong foundation of care and respect. This sparked the creation of their guiding principles and their mission that they are here to heal the world's love.

I share about my story with Justin and our rough patches then how everything changed when we started focusing on ourselves individually. Sasha discusses how this was the Right of Passage for our relationship, our own "phoenix experience." Daniel speaks to their process to coach each individually separately before they come together for coaching as a partnership.

We then dive into how I see a lot of women who are going through their own personal growth journeys and then are afraid because their partner isn't. We talk about how men are often hesitant to go on this journey and it ends in the couple growing apart. Daniel shares the importance of men understanding their place in this world and what the self-help sphere is all about (and what it's not about). For equality in society, we need to lift up BOTH men and women. Strong men can support the creative, emotional, and personal growth from women as well. It's all about divine balance. This leads us into a great discussion on divine masculinity and how we can rise together!

Next, we get into working through uncomfortable moments and struggle and how this can turn up differently for men and women. No matter what the journey, getting to the other side is the good, juicy part! I then shift into talking about The Elephant in the Room, that super uncomfortable thing that you've avoided and put to the side forever but can be the catalyst for growth.

We then get into the uncoupling process and Sasha and Daniel share their personal experiences on when they knew it was time to uncouple in their previous relationships. Sasha shares about the personal processing happening behind the scenes and how it led to an intuitive knowing that it was time to end. She shares what this meant with kids involved as well and how that uncoupling can be powerful in breaking cycles. Daniel then discusses how his experience really mirrored Sasha's journey. He knew that he and his ex-wife were growing apart and wanted very different things, which led to a catalyst to uncoupling. I point out the courage that is needed to make life-changing decisions like this.

Next, we talk about how Sasha and Daniel bring couples together after individual coaching and what insights they tend to have. There are insights around external validation and where we get our need for touch. Then it's all about leading couples back to each other as their number one source for getting all of these things - being sure to prioritise your relationship. If you make the active decision to turn towards one another again, then you can figure everything out.

In Line 3 fashion, I bring this back to my personal journey and my experience with Justin and my family. We dive into the term "soulmates" and how this isn't enough to make a relationship work. You need to work on it and put in effort every single day. One of their guiding principles is "when you want to lean out, that's the key to lean in harder."

Bringing it back to Human Design, I share about our Uranus Opposition, and we talk about people who are in long term relationships and when they know it's time to stay or go. It all comes down to one simple question, "Do you still love this person?" If this is a yes, Sasha and Daniel can get you back to that good place as a couple.

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