The Human Design Podcast Episode #266 The Human Design Roadmap (Part 7): Centres & Definition Made Simple

podcast Apr 11, 2023

We’re back with Part 7 of the Human Design Roadmap Series! If you find yourself asking, “Okay, I have my chart...NOW what?!” this is for you! Today’s episode is all about the centres and definition.

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I start off with a shout out to our Line 5s in the community or those with loved ones who are Line 5s. This shout out is also for anyone dealing with toxic people in their lives. I share a story (or proper Emma Rant) of a recent struggle I had with this, how it triggered me, and the old trauma/stories/beliefs that resurfaced. When these turn up, it’s ok to feel the feelings and go through the healing process.

Next, we shift gears and get into the centres and all things definition. I share how I learned about Human Design and that Type was the last thing I learned. I go over why this was the case and the importance of understanding definition over Type. Definition can be such a game changer and be where people really find resonance if they don’t resonate with Type.

I discuss the centres vs. the chakras and then go into what it looks like when you have defined centres vs. undefined centres. If you have a colored-in centre, this means you are defined and it’s energy that is consistent, reliable, and always on – it’s almost as if you are projecting out that energy. If you have a white centre, this is where you are taking in, reflecting back and amplifying others’ energy.

Definition is where you build trust in yourself – your intuition, voice, gut response, thinking. Where you have an undefined centre, this is where you build trust in the Universe because its based on who you are around, where you are and even the sky (transits). If a centre is completely open, this means there are no gate activations either and it can be really changing, and the potential of how you experience that energy is vast. I also share about hanging gates within undefined centres.

Another view I like to share is that defined centres are where we are influencing the other and undefined centres is where we are more likely to be influenced. Conditioning can happen anywhere, but undefined centres often have heavier conditioning since they are more susceptible to that conditioning. With undefined centres, you may also find you want to protect your energy or set boundaries around your energy. I give some tips on how to do this, especially in the workplace.

I then share about Not-Self behaviours within undefined AND defined centres. I have a great journaling exercise you can do multiple times a year to work on this. To try that exercise, check out Episode #95.

Next, I get into how our definition creates our Type. I start by mentioning the four motors (Root, Sacral, Heart/Will/Ego, and Solar Plexus) that generate energy (and how they do this).

  • Manifestor: You have a motor connected to the Throat Centre and it makes a channel to a defined Throat. There is also no Sacral definition.
  • Generator: You have a defined Sacral Centre.
  • Manifesting Generator: You are a hybrid of the first two. You have a defined Sacral Centre (like the Generator), but also have motor to the Throat (like the Manifestor)
  • Projector: You can have any centre defined except for the Sacral. Projectors will not have a motor to the throat.
  • Reflectors: You have no centres defined 

It’s important to remember that piece of definition and how this can impact our energy. I give the example of a current client who is a Projector with all centres defined except the Sacral, compared to a Projector like Jenni Crowther who has the Spleen to the Throat defined. Both Projectors, but very different energetic expressions.

Next, we get our definition from a channel. When two gates (the numbers 1-64) are activated and they connect, they become a channel. This channel then defines the centre. This means the energy is flowing back and forth within the person. It is important to understand this energy flow within ourselves and between us and others, so we have the ability to clean out our energy and move from the Shadow state to a higher frequency.

This can be so powerful not only for you, but for your loved ones! Work on noticing your energy, how it feels in your body, and they identifying when it shifts and changes around others or in new places. Then recognising you can have compassion for others and their energy, but don’t need to identify it as your own or “fix” it within yourself. I also share what it means when you have an Unconscious Channel and how other people can see you via your definition. Finally, I share a quick bit about each individual centre and what it brings to the table energetically.

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