The Human Design Podcast Episode #264 The Human Design Roadmap (Part 6): Profile Lines Made Simple

podcast Apr 04, 2023

We’re back with Part 6 of the Human Design Roadmap Series! As a reminder, the purpose of this series is to help you answer the ultimate question, “Okay, I have my chart...NOW what?!

If you’ve discovered Human Design but are feeling a bit overwhelmed or confused, I’m using this series to give you the roadmap to learn how to embody and integrate all of your Human Design. By doing this, you can create a life that you love!

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I kick off by sharing why this series is so important - it's a way to build trust with our bodies, our connection and communication to God/Universe/Source or any other energies that help us along the way. This is so important as we live in a chaotic time that is showing us the truth - how we've been conditioned and manipulated for hundreds of years. But now, it's a time of opportunity! These old systems are breaking down and ending, and now is the time to trust and love ourselves more - to find the courage to be who we were meant to be and fulfill our purpose.
If you're listening to this podcast, you're probably here to create this new paradigm! To raise the consciousness of the world and to empower others just by being ourselves! Our job is to help ourselves and to help each other grow.

Now, we get into Profile! These are the two numbers with a slash in the middle, like 1/3 or 4/6. I go over where to find these numbers within your chart - your Personality and Design Sun and Earth. You will see other Line numbers pop up throughout your chart, but the Sun and Earth will be your most prominent as they create your Profile Lines.

Your Profile is your "toolkit" or the "how." It's how we fulfill our purpose - the two significant themes that play out consistently, always over time. How we fulfill the work we are here to do, how we learn our lessons, how we express our superpowers. I give some examples of how my 3/5 Profile supports me to fulfill my purpose in this lifetime and show how I express my design.

As an important note, that second number in your profile, comes from the Design side or the "unconscious" side of the chart. Though some old knowledge says we can disregard this - don't! It's so important to honour this body side of the chart first, because it's like our vehicle in this lifetime! Just know that the profile lines are a constant loop - they are always going, one and then the other. However, if you feel stuck, this Design Profile Line number may be a good place to check in for alignment. I give another personal example here of my Line 5 and how this works for me.

Now I'm going to give you a breakdown of all of the Profile Lines:

We start with the Lower Trigram or Personal Profile Lines - these are inwardly focused:

  • Line 1 - This is a foundational line, almost the "life foundation." This is The Investigator - a born authority. If you are operating in a lower frequency, you'll feel stuck int he idea that you aren't an authority yet. However, you're born an authority! Over the years, you will continue to gather knowledge and information, because that's what you love to do, and in doing so, you'll continue to blossom as the authority. Remember, it's not the knowledge that makes you the authority, it's the energy that makes you the authority. The Line 1 loves to fill in all the gaps of life and gather answers so they have a nice, safe, and secure foundation to operate from. The Shadow of the Line 1 is that they potentially will feel that they never have enough information and will never take action. Trust your Strategy and Authority to move forward!
  • Line 2 - The Naturally Gifted person. It's so important to follow what is easy - you're here to express your purpose through your natural talent. You may not value this talent because it comes so easy to you, and that Ego may jump in and overcomplicate things. You want to walk your own path, do things your own way, and you may not like following the advice of a person in a position of authority - this is ok! You need to do things your own way and trust yourself. You will find that you feel better learning from peers as opposed to an authority figure. This energy is also known as The Hermit, so you will find you often need time alone or to step back - this is a time to hone your talent. Be careful because there is a projection field here - but it's not necessarily aways a bad thing, because people recognise your natural talents and call them out of you.
  • Line 3 - This is all about trial and error, experimentation and adventure. You will tend to be someone who doesn't want to live an "ordinary" life. Because there is so much trial and error, it's important to remember that you're either winning or you're learning. Be careful not to be caught in martyrdom or victimhood (thinking "poor me" or "why do I always have to do things the hard way"). This is your gift! Get messy, throw yourself into new experiences and find adventure! Line 3's are often the most personable to others because they've walked in everyone's shoes. You'll also have an ease with calling out what is not working in any given situation.  

Now we move into the Upper Trigram, the Transpersonal Profile Lines - these people look to the other:

  • Line 4 - The foundational line of the Upper Trigram, the "relationship foundation." Line 4's are The Opportunists. Everything in your world comes to you through your people - so make sure you surround yourself with people who make you feel good, comfortable, bring you joy, and you have influence over. These people will share people, places, and experiences with you, and you will lead from within the group or the pack. These people tend to want everyone to succeed. The challenge here is that if they don't have a sturdy relationship foundation, they can feel lost or fearful. 
  • Line 5 - Is usually the most transpersonal or powerful profile. These people are driven to have an impact int he world and to lead. Be conscious that healing and the healer sits in this energy. Remember, you must heal yourself first before you can go out and heal the world. This has the other projection field - and this is all about the other. The other person will project their wounds onto the Line 5 - these people often can't recognise that it's their wound, so they put all of the blame onto the Line 5. As a Line 5, it's so important to clean up yourself and your healing and don't take other people's projections personally. Be aware of what they trigger in you though - have compassion for the other, but then place a boundary to protect your energy. If it does trigger something in you - defensiveness, self-criticism, a childhood wound, etc. then that means there is something there to heal within yourself. The more you do this, the fewer lower frequency projections you will receive, and you will start attracting the higher frequency projections.
  • Line 6 - These people have three significant phases in their lives, Stage 1 is from ages 0-30 and is very similar to the Line 3 - a lot of trial and error, experimentation, falling down and getting back up. Stage 2 is from ages 30-50. In this time, they take what they've learnt and create wisdom from it. This is sometimes known as "on the roof" because Line 6's tend to pull back here and need alone time to contemplate, heal and build wisdom. Stage 3 is from age 50 onward and it's when The Role Model really comes to life. It's all about being authentically you, which then empowers others to do the same. Line 6s then become a wise guide. I also share the journey of the Line 6 to find their "soulmate."

To wrap up, I share a little more about Personal vs. Transpersonal Profiles and what these mean. Remember not to get too caught up in the meanings other people have created for each profile pairing. This is your experiment, you are the guru, and what is true for you is the most important! Experiment with it and if you'd like to learn more, come join HDX! 


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