The Human Design Podcast Episode #262 The Human Design Roadmap (Part 5): How to Run Your Human Design Experiment So Far

podcast Mar 28, 2023

We’re back with Part 5 of The Human Design Roadmap Series! This time, we are taking that question, “Okay, I have my chart…NOW what?!,” using the knowledge we’ve learned so far in this series and starting to run the experiment! It’s going to be brilliant!

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Why are we putting on the metaphorical “pause button” when we’ve just learned all of this amazing information?? Because I want to give you some concrete steps to start integrating your design and living your experiment.

I kick off by sharing WHY we call Human Design an experiment. When Ra Uru Hu channeled Human Design, the whole purpose was for it to be an individualized experiment where you see what is true for you. It’s not another dogma or religion, it’s not someone telling you who you are, it’s an experiment! And within each Design framework, there are lots of areas to experiment – the primary pieces being decision making and how our energy interacts with the world.

To review, we’ve looked at Type, Strategy, Authority and mindset. Now I want to give you a simple process for HOW you run your Human Design Experiment so far. Usually, we arrive at Human Design because we have some sort of challenge, and we are looking for a solution. We often tend to look everywhere for the answer and avoid looking inside of ourselves. We come to the table with a ton of conditioning, we take on strategies we’ve learned from other people, we have dogma we are trying to release so we can grasp on to a new one. However, you can take up all of the knowledge about Human Design and do all of the research, but it’s not until you integrate it into the body that you’re really going to see results.

First and foremost, it’s a journey to embodyto get out of the head and into the body. Your Ego, the chat in your mind, is so loud. As you start to experiment with your Design, you’ll notice that the energies playing out in your body are more subtle. This quietness makes us question whether or not we can actually trust it compared to the louder mind.

This is where we stop and experiment with Type, Strategy and Authority. It will be tempting to keep going and learning all of the detailed pieces of your Design, but if you want to see RESULTS, this is where you need to press pause and integrate. Remember - If you can live by your Strategy and Authority, then every other thing in your design will fall into place.

Grab a piece of paper and a pen, then journal on these questions:

**With these questions, you’re looking for how SPECIFICALLY your Strategy and Authority turn up in your external reality.

Looking at the past:

  • Where in the past have I made a really great decision? Or a decision that worked out really well for me – was really enjoyable and felt really in alignment?
  • How did I come to that decision?
    • What did it look like, sound like, feel like?
    • How did it turn up – was it instant, did I make it over time?
    • Did I feel it in my body? Did I instantly know it? Did I hear a voice in my head?
    • Get clear on the steps to making that decision.

Get super curious about what you’re already doing! You’re already living by your Strategy and Authority, you just may not be doing it to the fullest potential. At this point, I break it down by Type, Strategy and Authority and give some real life examples.

Now, put your Strategy and Authority into action. Watch and see how these things turn up for you in real-time.

Looking toward the future:

  • What specifically do I want to do MORE of to be more in alignment with my Strategy and Authority?
  • What specifically do I want to do LESS of to be more in alignment with my Strategy and Authority?

When you are in alignment, this is an embodied process – you can really “feel” it in the body (or know it, hear it, etc.). Gather evidence on what happens before, during and after a decision so you can get clear on how it turns up for you and build trust in the process.

I recommend doing this experiment for a month. I also recommend picking something simple to manifest. Keep it small and choose something that you don’t have as much attachment to – there’s no desperation or need around manifesting this item. Keep it light and manifest something that feels good using your Strategy and Authority. Every day, record evidence of how you used Strategy and Authority and any clues that show you are getting closer to manifesting that thing.

This is all about experimenting with your Design and putting it into action, so have fun, embody what you’ve learnt and record the evidence!


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