The Human Design Podcast Episode #261 Breathwork & Shifting Generational Patterns with Alyse Bacine

podcast Mar 23, 2023

In this episode, I’m excited to bring you Alyse Bacine, a 1/3 Sacral Manifesting Generator, Breathwork Practitioner and Spiritual Mentor (but also just an amazing human). We chat ALL about breathwork. I kick off admitting that I had some fears around breathwork and how it always felt intimidating, and Alyse shares that she thought similarly! If that resonates for you, be sure to give this episode a listen and hopefully you’ll see that breathwork doesn’t have to be scary or intimidating.

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Alyse shares her journey with getting to this point. She recognises that she was always very intuitive, but never felt she was able to speak about it. It wasn’t until she was 19 and struggling with an eating disorder that she started to seek answers. This led her to yoga, which opened her up learning new concepts and ideas. This is how she stumbled upon breathwork, which immediately resonated for her, and she knew it was something she needed to pursue. As a true Line 1, she took all the trainings, soaked up the information and realized how family patterns contributed to her feelings and experiences at that moment.

Though she did dabble in teaching breathwork, after graduating college, she became a school counselor and did this for 10 years. In 2019, she felt the urge to do more with her life – helping others in a much more profound way. It felt like a second spiritual awakening, and it led her towards starting her own business. Initially, her focus was breathwork, but her experiences and training led her towards helping people transmute and shift lifetimes of familial trauma. Her business continued to snowball and quantum leap to what it is today. Of course, I have to geek out here on Alyse’s design and the gates that prove she’s doing the work she was designed to be doing!

Because it’s super fascinating, I have to go into Alyse’s past with intuition and seeing ghosts. She shares some of her experiences growing up and why she felt she couldn’t share with her parents. She speaks to the fact that this was a total superpower during her counseling days as she could deeply read the energy of her students and share that important information with their parents.

Next, we get into intergenerational trauma and patterns. Alyse speaks to the fact that we are shifting our consciousness on this planet, and we are able to see things from a wider perspective. These are so far removed from our parents’ generations and their limiting beliefs. Unfortunately, the limiting beliefs of previous generations around things like scarcity, money, fear, or what we are capable of, have been passed on to us. This can get in our way when we do various things in life. For example, starting a business – fears or limiting beliefs will drop in and as you peel back the layers, you’ll often find there is an intergenerational trauma or pattern tied to that limiting belief. This could look like fear of failure or lack of resources/money.

Once you realize it’s there, you can begin to detach from that belief and as it pops up, recognise that it’s not actually yours and you can step out of that. If you get stuck in these patterns or find yourself hitting plateaus, Alyse helps you to name them and gives you the tools to break free from these limiting beliefs. She uses the Akashic Records to tune into the patterns that you’re here to break in this lifetime.

She shares that these patterns are often passed down energetically and through our DNA. When you consider how you are developed in the womb – you are taking in the cells from your mother (and father) and developing in your mother’s energy during that time. You are bound to take in the coding from those cells and that DNA and which will tie you to your parents energetically in some way. Sometimes we don’t even realise what patterns and beliefs we have taken in until we do this work. As you detach from those beliefs and become an authentic version of you, write down or hold on to those pieces of evidence that prove that you are not those old patterns. Your identity belongs to you, not your parents.

We dive into past-life visions and memories and how these tie into intergenerational trauma as well. Alyse shares how to process and comes to terms with these experiences. Working with a healer helped her immensely, but day to day she constantly does energy work on herself. It’s helpful to clear her own energy, putting up energetic shields, creating boundaries, and releasing other people’s thoughts, emotions, and energy. It’s important for her to fortify her own space so she feels comfortable within it.

Of course, we must discuss breathwork! Two things happen when we do breathwork: First, as we focus on our breathing, we are thrusting ourselves into the present moment. By doing this, we are connecting with the quantum field and opening ourselves up to new possibilities. You are expanding your vision and seeing what you are truly capable of.

Second, when you do breathwork, you are moving energy through the body. This is so important, because most of us are not taught how to deal with our emotions – we are conditioned to believe that our emotions are bad, they’re uncomfortable, so we should suppress them and not deal with them. Emotions are energy that need to be felt and released. By using the breath, you give yourself a chance to feel this energy and shift it. This helps you feel better and live in the present moment. This also helps you to tap into subconscious beliefs that are holding you back. You gain an awareness about the way you play out your reality.

By incorporating breathwork into your daily life, you can create a clear connection to your channel, open up infinite possibilities, and manifest in an easier way. You may even activate your psychic abilities! We wrap up with Alyse sharing a tool to begin your journey with breathwork – conscious connected breathing.

Big love,



Alyse Bacine is a Breathwork Practitioner, Spiritual Mentor, and the CEO of Alyse Breathes. She has her Master’s in Counseling Psychology and certifications in both Social Emotional Learning and Mindfulness Practices, as well as an extensive background in the mental health field where she served as a school counselor for 10+ years and received a grant to implement a meditation program at her school. Knowing that she wanted to expand her mission of healing familial and ancestral trauma, and normalizing breathwork and meditation practices, she opened her own business and quickly became a six-figure mentor.

Alyse helps high-achieving women that feel stuck in their wealth, partnership, psychic abilities, and trauma, transform their current realities to get to their next-level selves. Her programs are deeply rooted in healing with the support of the Akashic Records, so that women can navigate work, love, and life as powerful leaders, without the burden of trauma playing a role in their highest potential. She has been featured in prestigious publications like O, The Oprah Magazine, Bustle, NYLON, Thrive Global, Well+Good, and Yahoo!


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