The Human Design Podcast Episode #260 The Human Design Roadmap (Part 4): Authority Made Simple

podcast Mar 21, 2023

In this episode, I'm back with Part 4 of the Human Design Roadmap Series and this time it's all about Authority. Remember, the purpose of this series is to help you answer the ultimate question, "Okay, I have my chart...NOW what?!?" If you've discovered Human Design and are feeling overwhelmed, just follow my roadmap.

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I kick off by sharing the benefits of living your design and how it can help us to re-condition from all of those beliefs we've created so far in our lives. I then share a bit about our INCREDIBLE in-person retreat in Byron Bay and the breakthroughs I got to witness over the course of the retreat. I saw so much growth from these beautiful women who took a moment to invest in themselves and show up. I'll keep sharing the transformative stories, conversations and experiences as I feel called, but stay tuned for announcements about future in-person retreats!

Next, I briefly recap Strategy and remind you that this is how the Universe speaks to usAuthority is how our internal guidance system speaks to us. Think of it like an information loop between mind/body/soul and the Universe or the Quantum. If you only experiment with following your Strategy and Authority, the rest doesn't really matter. These are POWERFUL pieces of the chart. If you need a refresher on Type and Strategy, I recommend revisiting our Type Episodes:

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Now, onto Authority! Our Authority is our #1 way of making decisions, moving from the mind to the body. If you are doing this from the body, these are decisions made in alignment and will help you find ease and flow. If we make decisions from our mind, we will overthink and choose based on fear. For many of us, we have disassociated from our bodies and may have trouble tapping into, feeling, or trusting our Authorities. Sometimes these people can even allow energy from other dimensions to come in (resourceful or unresourceful energies). As you experiment with your Authority, be sure to record the evidence so you can prove to your mind that you can trust your body. Start with small decisions (what you want to eat, what to do on the weekend, etc.), get familiar with what your Authority feels like, then work up to big decisions.

I dive into the hierarchy of Authorities next, what that means and give some real-life examples. Here's the breakdown:

  • Emotional Authority: If your Solar Plexus Centre is defined, you have this Authority. Remember there is no truth in the now, because you are always riding and emotional wave. Slow down, take time, give yourself space and feel through all of the highs and lows of your emotions until you feel emotional clarityTiming is important here. Once the Solar Plexus gives you the green light, things can happen very quickly and you can make quantum leaps.
  • Sacral Authority: Your Solar Plexus in undefined, and your Sacral Centre is defined. This is all about the Sacral Response - yes, I have energy for this, or no, I don't. Listen for an immediate noise (not necessarily a word) that means yes or no - it's a non-language. This is an instant knowing and you don't need to sit on a decision. Sometimes you get a maybe, which is usually about timing - it's a "yes, but not yet" sort of knowing.
  • Splenic Authority: Your Solar Plexus and Sacral are undefined, but your Spleen Centre is defined. This is all about intuition. It's very spontaneous, it's in the now - it's there and then it's gone. It may not make sense in the moment but trust it and follow it. Be sure to listen, because it only speaks to you once and then leaves. There will most likely be a sense of calm in the moment the spleen speaks to you.
  • Ego Authority: The Solar Plexus, Sacral and Spleen Centres are undefined, the Heart/Will/Ego Centre is defined. Only Manifestors or Projectors have this Authority. These people will speak out, "I want..." or "I have..." and may seem very focused on themselves and the material plane. They are designed to speak about their wants, needs, and desires so they can decide what is correct for them. If this is your Authority, be sure you have people in your life who understand this about you - how you speak, the language you use, and that you're doing this from a resourceful place to make a decision. It is helpful to have a sounding board. Someone you can speak to who listens, repeats back what you say, and won't interject their opinions as you decide.
  • Self-Directed Authority: The Solar Plexus, Sacral, Spleen, and Heart/Will Centres are undefined, the G Centre is defined. You are another Authority that needs to speak it out. By doing this, you can hear the direction you need to go in and follow it. You also can benefit from having a sounding board in your life, but if you don't, speaking to a mirror, a pet, or a spirit guide can all serve the same purpose.
  • Mental Projector: With this Authority, the Ajna and Throat Centres are defined. Everything below the throat is undefined. These are very mental people whose minds are constantly going. That sounding board can also be helpful here and talking it out is important. In my experience, it's also helpful for these people to tap into their bodies and make sure they are in environments that feel good surrounded by people who make them feel good.
  • Reflector: There is such a connection with subtle energy - people, environments, and situations. Your body is important as you feel into how energy is moving through you or how you are amplifying and reflecting it back to others. For Reflectors, it's important to wait for 28 days to make a decision, because your consistency is found in the moon transiting through the gates. Learn to trust the way people and places make you feel. Slow down, trust how you read the energy around you, and that will help you decide.

That's it! Remember to start small, experiment, get out of the mind and into the body as you learn to use your Authority.


Big love, 



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