The Human Design Podcast Episode #259 Astrocartography & Spiritual Astrology with Danielle Beinstein

podcast Mar 18, 2023

On this episode of The Human Design Podcast, I'm so excited to bring a guest to you that I've been following for quite a while, and originally discovered while listening to another podcast. Danielle Beinstein is a 4/1 Emotional Generator and an expert in Astrology and Astrocartography.

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We talk about the session I personally did with her to discover the certain geographical locations that my lines go through, and how that has had an impact on my life and where I have felt called to work, live and take holidays. We chat about her design, how to understand and where to start with Astrology and so much more. Danielle gives some amazing tips about where to begin if you feel overwhelmed to start to get the hang of the moon cycles and how to set specific intentions.

Danielle Beinstein, MA, is a Psychological and Intuitive Astrologer and Coach. Born and raised in NYC, she offers a unique blend of East and West coast sensibility, providing her clients with intuitive and pragmatic guidance as they navigate their life’s journey. She graduated from University of Santa Monica’s Masters program in Spiritual Psychology in 2012 and followed with an additional year in Consciousness, Health and Healing in 2014.

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