The Human Design Podcast Episode #258 Quantum Leap Your Life, Business & Bank Account with Jocelyn Kelly Reid

podcast Mar 09, 2023

On today’s episode, I’m SO incredibly excited to share this powerful conversation with you. I interview the amazing 3/5 Sacral Generator, Jocelyn Kelly Reid, and we get REAL about money, growing a business, what success really looks like and the beliefs that are keeping you from quantum leaping to the next level.

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We both share our personal experiences and best advice for getting out of your own way and how to stop making excuses and start taking action

Jocelyn Kelly Reid is a leading Intuitive Business & Abundance Coach, Feminine Energy Healer, and Money Queen on a mission to lead spiritual women to make big impact to get rich, work less, play more, and fall in love with life. She guides ambitious women to show up in power, on purpose, and to leverage their divine talent so that being the CEO of their business does not include grinding, and crushing your feminine soul.

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Instagram @jocelyn.kelly.reid

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