The Human Design Podcast Episode #256 March 2023 Transit Update

podcast Mar 05, 2023

In this episode, I welcome back the amazing Jenni Crowther as I do each month, to review the previous month and take a look at the transits for the month ahead.

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In this episode, we define what the transits actually are, we talk about the gene keys, chat at length about February and moving into March.

March is going to be a BIG month, get ready for a huge energetic shift. At the beginning of the episode, Liz Zamorski also does a card pull for the month to talk about where we're headed.

To listen to the previous March transits episode and the Sun/Earth discussion, listen to this episode:

Have you checked out my contributor page on Thrive Global yet? Each month I share a snapshot of the transits, pulling from last year's episodes on the Sun and Earth as well as some highlights of the other transits from this year's podcast. You can find the March Energy Report here.


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