The Human Design Podcast #248 Toxic Free Living with Kate Middleton

podcast Feb 04, 2023

In this episode, I’m SO excited to introduce you to someone who is diving into one of my favorite topics, non-toxic living! If you know me, you know that I’m all about diving into other modalities outside of Human Design to help us be happy, healthy humans. I’ve been on my non-toxic living journey for quite some time, and I loved every bit of this conversation with 3/5 Splenic Projector, Kate Middleton.

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We chat about what we choose to consume (not just food, but energetically as well), we talk about her journey, creating new habits, what to look for to swap out toxic products in your environment and replace them with healthier ones, and of course I geek out on her design!


Kate Middleton, also known as “KB”, is a Toxic Free Lifestyle Advisor + Mindset Coach based on the coast of central California. Katherine’s platform is based on the Education of Living a Toxic Free Lifestyle. KB believes that through the products we use, the relationships we hold + the mental and physical nourishment we consume, we are faced with many forms of toxins each and every day.


As the founder of “Just Bein’ Honest,” a popular podcast + health + wellness blog, KB’s core mission is to improve overall mental + physical health through the reduction of toxic exposure. But why is she so interested in this topic? After battling many traumatic years of endless + unanswered blood tests and autoimmune flare ups stemming from environmental and psychological exposure, KB set out on the path to become her own health advocate. She became self-accredited in her coaching field through her individual studies and functional nutrition guidance from her medically acclaimed mother. She has self-experimented with Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurvedic + modern day modalities and continues to practice many forms of healing mechanisms as she ventures on the journey of healing her body, mind and soul.





Instagram: @justbeinhonestkb



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