The Human Design Podcast #246 Building Emotional Fitness with Joe Pane

podcast Jan 27, 2023

In this episode, I chat with someone you've heard me talk about A know that story I always tell about the download I received in the shower to change the name of my podcast to "The Human Design Podcast", and then a mentor said to me the next day that someone should do a Human Design podcast...? This is him! Everyone, meet Joe Pane.

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Joe is a dear friend and someone I'm so excited to chat with on this episode (finally!). For those of you playing along from a Human Design perspective, Joe is a 4/6 Pure Generator.

We cover SO many amazing things in this conversation. One thing Joe talks a lot about is his journey from living an "ambition driven" life and navigating burnout, to taking a 15-month sabbatical and doing work focused on spiritual and emotional development, in order to live a "meaning driven" life.

We also chat about one of Joe's specialties, which is building emotional fitness: what that means, how to do it, and also how to navigate times of uncertainty and get comfortable with being uncomfortable!

Joe also runs us through the 4 phases of identity and shares so much wisdom you don't want to miss.

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