The Human Design Podcast #242 Spiritual Investing & Money Neutrality with Elizabeth Ralph

podcast Jan 13, 2023

In this episode of the Human Design Podcast, we have returning guest Elizabeth Ralph who is a 4/6 Emotional Manifesting Generator. Elizabeth is the incredible wealth coach I’m working with and I’m so excited to have her back to chat about my journey working with her. We talk all about spiritual investing, the energy of money, demystifying investing and overcoming fears around money.

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I love the work Elizabeth is doing in the world to redefine the way we think of money and abundance and teaching you how to elevate your frequency and consciousness to attract more money and abundance into your life. She talks about a concept on the episode that I love called “money neutrality” - tune in to hear her amazing explanation of this!

Elizabeth Ralph is a high-level wealth strategist and intuitive investor who retired at the age of 39 in order to teach others how to reach financial freedom through non-traditional ways. She is the founder of The Spiritual Investor and the host of The Spiritual Investor podcast, the place where entrepreneurs transform from unsure investors to effortless wealth creators. 

Formerly a financial executive and energy trader, Elizabeth shifted her focus entirely in 2012 while feeding Cheetos to a kangaroo on a beach in Australia. She realized that in order to fulfill her purpose of saving unwanted horses from slaughter she needed to break free from the confines of the corporate world. So right then and there, she decided to go “all-in” and set up a strategy to achieve financial freedom within 10 years. Since then Elizabeth has helped countless spiritual entrepreneurs to create their own strategies for financial freedom through The Spiritual Investor framework.

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