The Human Design Podcast #239 Type Series: Being A Generator

podcast Jan 06, 2023

In this episode of The Human Design Podcast, we're "re-releasing" the Type Series episodes for all of our new listeners out there. These have been some of the most POWERFUL episodes of all time, because on each episode I'm having a conversation with someone of a specific Type to speak to their lived experiences.

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This is how you get out of the Human Design dogma and "theory", and start to understand what it looks like in real-life.

Today, we talk with Jess Les Roberts, a 4/6 Pure Generator, about how living in alignment with her design and being a Generator completely lights her up and allows her to fully live an authentic and aligned life. We go into the keynote of being a Generator and how YOU are on the planet to do the work that lights you up! Jess also shares how her Life Force Energy feels when in alignment, how she finds this grounded energy full of purpose!

If you want more experiences like this and to hear from other senior members of our community about what it means to be a Generator, you can grab the mini course "Being A Generator” from our website here:

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