The Human Design Podcast #238 January 2023 Transits Update

podcast Jan 03, 2023

In this episode of The Human Design Podcast, I'm so excited to be joined by the amazing Jenni Crowther to bring you the January 2023 Transits! As we close out 2022 and move into a new year, the intentions we set are so important. Take a listen and grab a notebook so you can understand the energy of what January has in store for us, and set intentions to be aligned to your highest path. Jenni even provides some amazing journal prompts below!

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Big Love, Mxx

The process from Solstice to Rave New Year:

20 - 25 Dec

Gate 10 – What behaviour is right for me personally at this time?

26 - 30 Dec

Gate 58 – What am I most enthusiastic about changing or improving on behalf of the collective?

31 Dec - 5 Jan

Gate 38 – Did I find something that is genuinely fulfilling for me this year, or not? 

What would have personal meaning for me and make me feel like my life has purpose?

6 - 10 Jan

Gate 54 – How would that affect my status or position within my tribe & am I OK with that?

What creative collaborations am I calling in?

11 - 16 Jan

Gate 61 – What divine inspiration is available to me to inform all of this? What sounds like Truth to me?

17 - 21 Jan

Gate 60 – What real world practical limitations need considering?

Who am I in my essence? Which of my personal ‘limitations’ need considering?

22 – 27 Jan

Gate 41 – What do I most Desire? What inkling of experiential evolution am I sensing at the deepest level of my being?


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