September 2023 Transits Update - The Human Design Podcast #303

podcast Aug 24, 2023

The Human Design Mastermind (2 SPOTS LEFT):

We're back for another exciting transits episode with the wonderful Jenni Crowther and myself, where we recap August which seemed to be the craziest time warp ever, AND we look ahead at September and the themes coming through January.

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We have a lot of energy coming up asking us to look at the cycles and patterns in our lives, and on this episode, Jenni and I discuss how to use your Strategy & Authority to know which cycles to close, and which ones may still have lessons for you.

The purpose of these transit episodes is to help you reflect on the previous month and notice things you may have not picked up, and also prepare for the energies and transits that are coming so that you can set specific intentions and goals that are in alignment with your design.

Get ready for another incredible month ahead and make sure you come over to Instagram and tag us @the_human_design_coach and @jenni_crowther_ to let us know how you're going!

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September 2022 Transits Episode:

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