Manifestation with Human Design - The Human Design Podcast #278

podcast May 24, 2023

In this episode of The Human Design Podcast, I’m super excited to talk to you all about how I manifested something so big, so easily, with barely even trying. I want to share this story with you becasue I want you to really be able to create your heaven on earth, I want you to manifest all the things your heart desires, because your dreams matter, they matter because they’re helping contribute to this planet that we’re all creating.

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So I want to talk to you about manifestation and I’m going to do this through the frame of Transformational Human Design, because we actually have our Human Design as this beautiful roadmap that guides us along this path. When we understand how we can recondition our subconscious mind, when we can understand how it actually works, how we can work in alignment with what it means to be human, and in conjunction with our Design, then we can create incredible things in our life.

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