Understanding Human Design Type

type & strategy Apr 30, 2022

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Human Design was meant to be SIMPLE.

As I always promise, I'm going to help you break down your Human Design in a super simple way so you can start your experiment.

No confusion, just clarity.

Today I want to talk to you about type.

There are a lot of components to the chart, but Type, Strategy and Authority will always be the basics to come back to.

These are the first things to live by to experience alignment and better communicate with the universe.

Your Human Design Type is how you energetically interact with life, with others and the universe.

It's the expression of your aura.

What often happens when living out of alignment with your type is that the personality and mind want one thing, and the energy and soul want something else, causing a disconnect and mixed messages going out to the universe.

Connecting with your type is connecting to how it feels in your body:

  • Manifestors have the urge to initiate
  • Generators feel lit up and energized by the work they love
  • Manifesting Generators feel excited by numerous opportunities
  • Projectors see deeply into the other
  • Reflectors feel good with aligned environments and people

Once you feel the truth of your type in your body, and understand your strategy and authority (which we will talk about in coming days), you will begin to integrate your design and live from soul alignment.

Remember, you are not bound to anything because of your type, it does not tell you WHO you are, but how the energy of your aura interacts with the world around you.

You will never "think" your way into alignment, you feel your way into it, and that's what type is about.

Here's a little more information about each type...


Configuration: Defined Sacral plus at least one other centre and no definition to the throat from a motor.
Generators are here to love working, bringing to life the things that excite them and intrigue them, to manifest our new reality…thank you Generators!!
With a defined Sacral Generators have the most powerful Motor in the bodygraph, this energy is life-force and enthusiasm for life itself.
Generators respond through their Sacral to life, Source brings them things in every moment to respond to, a person, an experience, a sign or synchronicity and then they know, yes or no.
They have great capacity to work when it is aligned, this can be their passion or just a job they enjoy that supports their passion, they love to work when it’s correct.
They’re designed to be with people, to collaborate, communicate and team up, their powerful energy will take flight when surrounded by the correct peeps and manifesting inspiration into reality through their work.


Configuration: Defined Throat with at least one connection to either the Heart, Solar Plexus or Root centre (Motors)
You can’t miss a Manifestor, they enter your space and you’ll feel it, they have an effect on you whether you like it or not!
Manifestors have a special connection with Source, they are directly connected and when Source inspires the Manifestor they must move and bring into creation something new.
They are unique because they are the only Type that can start something from an internal inspiration and create flow, they can take action when they feel moved by Source to do so.
The Manifestor is here to spark change and initiate a new way however they ARE NOT designed to do all the work it takes to bring all of their idea’s and creations into full manifestation, that is for the Generators and Manifesting Generators.
Manifestors will work as they have energy and when the creative flow of energy is gone they MUST rest and play, lighten up and feel unencumbered so they can be open and regenerated for the next nudge from Source.
A Manifestor has everything they need energetically so although they want others they do not NEED others, please allow them the space to create, they do not need your guidance, advice or questions and if they ever want to talk something out with you allow them to hear what they have to say.

Manifesting Generators

Configuration: Defined Sacral with at least one connection from a motor centre (Heart, Solar Plexus or Root) to the throat

You are a combination of the Manifestor and the Generator. You have a big enveloping aura and are often referred to as the energizer bunny of Human Design. You are designed to do more than one thing at a time. 

MG’s can multitask and do more than one thing and have a desire to do this. They can feel suffocated by only doing one thing, they are designed to jump from one thing to the next. You are designed to be superhuman and show the world what people are capable of. 

Manifesting Generators are energetic, multi passionate action takers, often taking loads of action but not getting a lot of traction because their desire for new things, experience and opportunities derails their commitment.

However when you learn to channel this power, action and energy into something you have a "hell yes" from the Sacral for, then MG's are a force of nature, creating with great impact, speed and influence.
Manifesting Generators have a huge aura, and are usually noticed when they enter a room. You have an internal guide that knows life is supposed to be easy and meant to flow and be effortless and is when you are aligned. Conditioning can cloud this by saying this should be harder and brings things out of alignment.


Configuration: No defined sacral, no connection of a motor centre to the throat
Projectors are a new type of leader. Your aura is focused and absorbing. You do not create energy of your own you get this from others. You can see deep into other people and see improvements and efficiencies. 
You have a wisdom that is deeply sought out from the other, but you must wait to be invited to share this wisdom with others, otherwise you may be met with resistance and feel a sense of bitterness when your wisdom is not accepted.
You do not have consistent and reliable access to the sacral life-force energy, but this does not mean that you cannot have energy for what lights you up. It's important to have strong boundaries and live in alignment with your strategy and authority to know when something is correct for you, and when you have the energy to take on something new.
Projectors can become easily burnt out if they are not mindful of their own energy, spending time alone and setting strong boundaries.


Configuration: No centres defined

Reflectors make up just 1% of the global population, you are a rare unicorn with a "sampling aura" that feels, senses and reflects back the karma of the planet with a strong and powerful aura. You are Incredibly sensitive to energies of other people and of the collective, and you act as a mirror that reflects back what's happening Inside another person or the world.

You amplify the energies around you and bring awareness to what Is working and not working, and what is needed. The challenge for you Is to not absorb the energy, but to reflect it. It's hugely important for you to have cycles of rest and time In your own space and energy to sort out what belongs to you and what does not.

You are a moon being, your consistency comes from the 28 day cycle as the moon moves through your design. In order to make good decisions, you need to be In the right place, with the right people and allow yourself time and space to come to clarity. Consistency and safety comes from others, but be mindful of this as It may be easy to lose yourself In a relationship.

Take your time to "know" and have clarity, create strong boundaries and make sure you have a trustworthy sounding board. It can feel challenging for you to leave someone or somewhere that feels out of alignment, but trust your Inner guidance system and allow yourself the time and space for decisions.

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