Understanding Human Design Strategy

type & strategy Apr 30, 2022

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Your Human Design Strategy is how the universe talks to you.

Strategy is really about listening and responding to the universe, it's how the universe communicates to you.

It really is that simple, there's no need for the long-winded, overcomplicated information that only confuses you more.

Here are the Strategies for each Type:

Manifestors: your strategy is to initiate and inform, to take the sparks of inspiration and make them come to life. It may not feel natural to inform others of what you are doing, but remember that it is not asking for permission, it's stating an intention and clearing the way for creativity to flow

Generators: your strategy is to respond to external clues, people, opportunities, synchronicities and signs. Write down your internal thoughts and guidance and hold it in your awareness until the universe brings you something to respond to

Manifesting Generators: your strategy is to respond and inform, you are a hybrid of the manifestor and the generator. Being a generator first and foremost, you are here to respond to your external environment, wait for the universe to send something to respond to that's in alignment with what you want to create. Once you have your external sign, inform others before you spring into action. Remember, you're not asking for permission, just letting others know what your huge energy is off to create

Projectors: your strategy is to wait for the invitation, meaning you need to wait to be recognized for your amazing wisdom or to share the potential you see in others before offering your guidance. If you jump the gun and offer guidance without being invited, it will likely be met with resistance and not received well

Reflectors: your strategy is to wait 28 days or a lunar cycle. As a moon being, the moon moves through your design every 28 days, and you usually need to wait for this to happen before you will have clarity. As the moon moves through your design, you will feel into what is correct and not correct for you. Don't rush, in time you will know what's aligned for you

Your Strategy is all about knowing how you dance with the universe and how to become your own guru.

Your Strategy empowers you to know what's correct for you because you know how you are specifically designed to communicate with the universe.

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