Understanding Human Design Authority

authority Apr 30, 2022

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Your Authority is how you are designed to speak to the universe.

Your authority is your internal guidance system that leads you to aligned decisions and what is correct for you.

One of the things I hear from people all the time, especially if they're new to HD is "I don't know how to hear/listen to my Authority".

It can seem challenging at first, but it's actually more simple than you think!

You've been hearing your authority your whole life, you know it well, you've just been so conditioned to make decisions with the mind and the ego that you have tuned out your internal guidance system.

The mind and ego chatter is loud and thinks it knows the answer, your authority is more subtle, It's that feeling deep inside you that just knows.

So if you want to learn to hear your authority, stop trying! When you're "trying" to hear it, you're allowing the mind to enter the equation and override the subtle clues.

Relax and pay attention to the subtle energy in your body that guides you...how do you FEEL? How do you feel when something is right for you?

The Authorities

Emotional Authority: with a defined solar plexus, there is a mechanical wave that is always in operation. It may increase if you indulge it or disappear if you resist it. The purpose is to allow yourself to experience the highs and lows in order to come to clarity. There is no truth in the now, your wave is here to allow you the space to slow down your decisions. Slow down, let go and pay attention.

Sacral Authority: an "in the now" response to something external of you, it's a yes or no, an expansion or contraction that tells you if you have the energy for something or not. The sacral shows you what excites you and what lights you up in each moment, guiding you on your path.

Splenic Authority: The spleen is about instinct and physical wellbeing of the body. This is the inner intelligence to know what people, places, environments and situations are advantageous to you. The spleen communicates on a cellular level to you. Practice responding to your instincts.

Ego Authority: this authority is about what you say, you need to speak before you know your truth. It is your words that guide you, making it especially important that you do not allow the mind to jump in to make decisions. Speak your truth first, and then act.

Self-Directed or Self-Projected Authority: this authority is about direction from the higher self, and about "talking it out". You must talk things out, out loud, to know what is correct for you. You are also guided by how things make you feel.

Mental Projector: this authority has no consistent body wisdom, it's important to have a sounding board or someone you trust where you can talk things out without feeling judged or being given unsolicited advice. You are designed to talk it out!

None/Reflector: as a reflector, it's all about giving yourself time to feel into a decision. You move through life sampling different places, people, environments and experiences, and reflecting it back to others.

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