Ask Emma Anything: Your Burning Human Design Questions, Answered - The Human Design Podcast #308

podcast Sep 15, 2023

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In this episode I’m joined by my COO, Taylor, to bring back the popular “ask me anything” podcasts. On these episodes, I answer your most burning human design questions (and questions that have nothing to do with HD at all!).

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It’s so important to me to make sure you feel supported on your journey and that your specific questions are addressed - if you want to submit your questions for these podcasts, just visit my website and grab your free chart to get on the mailing list. You can also come follow me on instagram @the_human_design_coach and submit questions there.


  • How to convince my science friend that HD is legitimate when it’s based on time of birth
  • What if a channel is only half colored in, what does that mean?
  • I keep hearing you say “external clues” in the podcasts, what does that mean? Could you extrapolate on that and share a practical example please?
  • As a mental projector, I still have trouble with the differentiation between the mental authority and the mental "brain" How to differentiate that?
  • The sacral and spleen so similar to me!! How can we explain the difference between gut feeling vs intuition? 
  • When we are meeting resistance (of any kind) how much of that is in our design and how much in our mind?
  • I would love to know more about waiting for the invitation. There’s so much negativity on FB about it. How do you shine your light, sharing your passion, whilst waiting for the invitation to go in-depth?
  • How do you strike a balance between responding as an MG and taking aligned action
  • What area in your HD chart has changed you the most or influenced you the most?

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