What Are You Resisting...?

blog articles Apr 21, 2021
what are you resisting

So I was on Insta yesterday playing with the question filter and this question popped up…

What do you love about yourself?

My instant answer was my courage and determination….totally surprising!!

I was reflecting on my answer later that night and wondered why I chose these attributes, why not my kindness and compassion? Or my confidence and enthusiasm? Or any of many other things I have come to love about myself…???

And it dawned on me…I was born kind, I have always been compassionate and enthusiastic and my confidence? Well, that turned up over time as I learned to value and love myself, but my courage and determination? Now that is something I have invested in daily, even when life was really hard and I had no self belief or trust in the Universe for that matter, these things I have built!!

My courage and determination is what bought me home to myself, my ability to feel afraid, anxious, not enough, even terrified and still move forward. The courage to risk my not enoughness, being rejected, getting laughed at or criticised by others, these things my ego reminded me of daily…but my courage that comes from deep inside of me, always holds me and quietly encourages me to keep going!!

My courage and determination I was not born with!

Human Design had a big part to play in this, I’m a 3/5 and when I first learned about this profile I didn’t want this to be my truth. I didn’t want to be designed to experience and experiment with life through trial and error….or lot’s of f***ing challenge as I’d call it.

I had been looking all my life for the easier way, the way without the massive, painful, challenges, a way to know my potential that wasn’t being in the trenches and getting my knees scuffed and hands dirty but that wasn’t my truth, I knew….I didn’t like it….but I knew it!

So as life and the Universe would have it, that part of my journey that I resisted for decades, the part of me that’s designed to really LIVE, experiment and experience life to know, from experience, what no longer works has been the gold that has shown me the better way, it’s been my path to freedom, abundance and the deepest love, and now I can empower YOU to take the easier track in life to receive what I have!

What are you resisting? What part of your HD don’t you want to be true? In that resistance and truth there just might be a gift!!

Big love, Mxx

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