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blog articles Apr 21, 2021
we need you for a healthy planet

I recently watched David Attenborough’s new documentary A Life On Our Planetand it moved me, it was so beautiful, a times really painful, in parts scary and mostly absolutely inspiring!

He has such a gift of authenticity that gets people’s attention and this documentary is no exception, I highly recommend you make time to watch it, it could change your life and the planet!

He tells the story of the environment through the frame of his life, how the natural world was when he was a boy and how it is now and David goes on to make predictions for the future that may not be as dark as most would predict, his main message is that Mother Nature has incredible power, she can regenerate and most obviously we need her to survive as eco system, a race and a planet.

As I watched, and cried for our planet, it got me fired up, “but what more can I do?” I kept thinking, “how can I help the environment more than I am already? How can I do more?” because it somehow doesn’t feel enough, I felt that unless I was some huge environmentalist my impact was too small.

Then David shared a story that struck me about Japan, a number of decades ago they experienced a significant increase in the quality of their living conditions, more resources for all, less stress and more happiness.

The improved living conditions had a peculiar side effect, people had less babies and the population growth slowed right down meaning they slowed the populations environmental impact and Mother Nature began to recover.

Hang on, did he just say that happier people help the earth regenerate because they consume less?

Highly simplified, sure, but powerful! Happy people, healing planet!

This struck me because this is something I’m doing right now to help the planet, I help people get happy, live more, work less and BE MORE CONSCIOUS and if you’re reading this and following me then you probably do too!

I share this with all of you because I know so many of you feel like me, you love humans, you love the planet and sometimes you feel like you’re not doing enough for Mother Nature. Well your work matters, YOU matter and being your true authentic self matters more than you know!

So please be brave and BE YOU. You’ve heard me say it before and I’m going to say it again that once you love and accept yourself then you will love and accept everyone, and in this case happiness also correlates to less consumerism and consumption and that leads to the Planet having space to recover, hopefully in time to save us all.

Ok I know that you’re also probably curious to know David Attenborough’s Human Design, as I was, and let me tell you David’s design does not disappoint!

David is a Generator, 4/6 with Emotional Authority.

We see already how perfectly in alignment he is, he does the work that lights him up and he’s responding to the people he meets and they stories they share about the planet and then creates his incredible work/documentaries and activism (Generator).

His profile shows up as he brings what he’s learned from the animals, people and places and through his line 4 profile brings it to the people and infects the planet with what he has learned…spot on right?! And I feel you’ll agree that the wisdom of the line 6 in obviously called from him daily.

His Emotional Authority, this is not so obvious, however I would guess this has been a player in the courage it’s taken to follow his dream even in the face of the destruction his seen of the planet over the years, only experiencing his on emotions may have been his saving grace because if he was feeling all the emotions those animals and people where feeling and then amplifying them back he may never have been able to stay true to his focus of perseveration and instead been influenced to focus on destruction.

And finally I want to share his Incarnation Cross because it is so beautiful and shows us all when we surrender to our truth, live in alignment with it and follow our Soul’s guidance we really can change the world.

The Cross of the Sphinx 2:

The energy of this Cross is to see and be open to the possibilities. You are here to guide us by showing us the many possible directions and ways to create a beautiful world. You point out the many possible roads we may choose to take or give suggestions for alternate routes.

David you #nailedit and thank you for doing your work and showing us the way! Now all we have to do is follow your guidance!

Big love,


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