type & strategy Aug 23, 2021
Type and Strategy in Human Design is where you begin.
Your Type and Strategy tell you how you’re specifically designed to dance with the Universe and become your own Guru.
Type is how your Aura is experienced both by you and by others and Strategy is how you specifically communicate best with the Quantum to be in flow with life itself.
Your energy (Aura) is always communicating with others and the Universe however the mind most often is overriding this communication meaning that you struggle, force and feel stuck because you’re allowing the mind to drive instead of your Truth or Soul.
The resistance that is created by the mind manifests as this struggle so many people experience.
However, as soon as you choose to live in Alignment with your Type and Strategy the struggle falls away and ease and flow become your natural state.
You grow from needing to control your external world to feeling that you have the power to handle anything that comes your way, this is True self belief and it’s immovable!!
The Initiator, Trailblazer, Change Maker
Configuration: Defined Throat with at least one connection to either the Heart, Solar Plexus or Root centre (Motors)
You can’t miss a Manifestor, they enter your space and you’ll feel it, they have an effect on you whether you like it or not!
Manifestors have a special connection with Source, they are directly connected and when Source inspires the Manifestor they must move and bring into creation something new.
They are unique because they are the only Type that can start something from an internal inspiration and create flow, they can take action when they feel moved by Source to do so.
The Manifestor is here to spark change and initiate a new way however they ARE NOT designed to do all the work it takes to bring all of their idea’s and creations into full manifestation, that is for the Generators and Manifesting Generators.
Manifestors will work as they have energy and when the creative flow of energy is gone they MUST rest and play, lighten up and feel unencumbered so they can be open and regenerated for the next nudge from Source.
A Manifestor has everything they need energetically so although they want others they do not NEED others, please allow them the space to create, they do not need your guidance, advice or questions and if they ever want to talk something out with you allow them to hear what they have to say.
Manifestor Strategy: To Inform
It’s not a natural habit for Manifestors to inform, they are much happier being left alone to follow their creative flow but honestly this can piss people off, make others feel ignored or disrespected and ultimately manifests anger in the Manifestor or those people they did not inform of plans
When choosing to inform people first others know where they stand and energetically feel taken care of and the Manifestor is free from interference to be in their creative flow and focus fully on their inspiration and creation
Informing is not asking for permission, it is stating an intention for creating, your Manifestor does not need your help, opinions or guidance, this is not what informing is all about 
In informing Manifestors are clearing the way for creativity, to be free to allow Source to move through them as they create uninterrupted 
Manifestors also need to be informed so let them know what you’re doing or your expectations and life will flow easily 
For a Manifestor to experience minimal resistance they must learn to inform others of what they are about to do, this will free up the energetic way that would otherwise be interrupted by well meaning or disgruntled by standers.
Step into your Power my Manifestor friends, we need you to continue to inspire great change as we move toward the new Paradigm.

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