type & strategy Aug 23, 2021
Type and Strategy in Human Design is where you begin.
Your Type and Strategy tell you how you’re specifically designed to dance with the Universe and become your own Guru.
Type is how your Aura is experienced both by you and by others and Strategy is how you specifically communicate best with the Quantum to be in flow with life itself.
Your energy (Aura) is always communicating with others and the Universe however the mind most often is overriding this communication meaning that you struggle, force and feel stuck because you’re allowing the mind to drive instead of your Truth or Soul.
The resistance that is created by the mind manifests as this struggle so many people experience.
However, as soon as you choose to live in Alignment with your Type and Strategy the struggle falls away and ease and flow become your natural state.
You grow from needing to control your external world to feeling that you have the power to handle anything that comes your way, this is True self belief and it’s immovable!!
Alchemists, Manifesting our Reality, Lit up Workers
Configuration: Defined Sacral plus at least one other centre and no definition to the throat from a motor.
Generators are here to love working, bringing to life the things that excite them and intrigue them, to manifest our new reality…thank you Generators!!
With a defined Sacral Generators have the most powerful Motor in the bodygraph, this energy is life-force and enthusiasm for life itself.
Generators respond through their Sacral to life, Source brings them things in every moment to respond to, a person, an experience, a sign or synchronicity and then they know, yes or no.
They have great capacity to work when it is aligned, this can be their passion or just a job they enjoy that supports their passion, they love to work when it’s correct.
They’re designed to be with people, to collaborate, communicate and team up, their powerful energy will take flight when surrounded by the correct peeps and manifesting inspiration into reality through their work.
Strategy: To Respond
Generators are designed to respond to life in their outer reality, to people, opportunities, synchronicity and signs 
They cannot take action from a thought or internal guidance, however write down the thoughts and intuition or hold it in awareness and soon the Universe will bring something in alignment to respond manifesting!!
This can create some frustration and confusion when someone finds out they’re designed to wait before taking action but trust the process, it’s a quick one!
Generators are designed to respond to life through their Sacral, the Universe is ALWAYS bringing them things to respond to, you will never miss out because you don’t act on a thought or intuition 
Once you get the hang of responding life becomes magical, like “I was just thinking about that” or “My intuition told me something was on its way”
Generators, move out of forcing actions and into your power of responding, it’s the easiest way to let go of resistance and live in flow!
You will never have to wait long for the Universe to bring something else!
Generators must respond to life external of them and this will guide them in the correct direction, however if they respond to an idea or internal intuition the Sacral energy is not engaged  correctly.
Practice listening to the Sacral by requesting your partner/friends/family to ask you yes/no questions and trust the first noise that comes out of your mouth, this is the sacral BEFORE the mind gets involved with a true yes or no.
Love the work you do my friends and don’t settle for anything less, we need you lit up!!

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