The One Human Design Thing That Might Be Blocking Your Superpowers!

blog articles Apr 21, 2021
the one thing in human design that's holding you back

We had to postpone our Membership launch because of this! SORRY but at least I have a great lesson for you!

In Human Design we can find a major part of the light we have to give to the world, ie the work we came here to do and what others need and want from us, in the Gate that sits in your Personality Sun (also in your Design Sun however this is more a natural and automatic energy).

The Sun is our doing, our gifts, what others want from us, our outer authority and the most energetically influential planet(sun) in our Design however there is a rule that must be followed in order to really step into the full potential of this gate in your Design.

You must first honour your Earth Gate because without this grounding the ability to fully be your potential is lost.

Let me run you through this to make it really easy to understand, let’s begin with my Personality Sun, Gate 37;

When your power is recognised when you hold family and community together with your warmth and nurturing nature. You can easily connect with others on an emotional level through touch and sensitivity which instigates openness.

Now let’s expand this Metaphor to my Membership, meaning my membership IS the community it talks about….I am 100% designed for this!! So why did I have to postpone my membership by a week or two?

Because I ran out of energy before I got to my full potential, I burned out.


For you to embody the full potential in your Sun Gate you have to practice the qualities of your Earth Gate to ground and balance you otherwise you will not have the energy to for your potential.

Let me take you through this next step;

My Personality Earth is Gate 40, the Gate of Aloneness;

This energy carries a sense of aloneness even in a group setting. You have a need to separate yourself from the tribe and there is a desire within you for wholeness, expressed by others as strong independence. Gate 40 is the love of work, and when aligned with the work you are doing you feel great satisfaction delivering promises to the appreciative Tribe. Appreciation for loyalty is essential and time alone to rest is important.

Let’s put it all together, I was pushing forward to launch this Membership and take care of my clients and community, Gate 37, using my Defined Will centre to push myself to get there, do all the clients sessions, Unpacks, Mastermind, content, etc. It was challenging!! I was was exhausted and of course I was with all that BUT that’s not the real reason I got burned out.

It was the fact that I was trying to put all my energy into my Gate 37 (Personality Sun) without honouring my Gate 40 (Personality Earth), I was trying to be all light and no earth, all doing and no being, all masculine and no feminine, I had lost my balance.

To really know your full potential you must learn to honour your Earth Gate first and then let your light shine as bright as you can!! Find your balance with your Sun and Earth and you will know your potential.

Big love, Mxx

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