The New Paradigm: Should You Be Afraid?

blog articles Apr 21, 2021
the new paradigm should you be afraid

Well that all depends on wether you’re holding on tight to the past or sitting in all this uncertainty awaiting the Phoenix.

The New Paradigm is a subject in Human Design that can be challenging to get much information on and like you, for a long time I have wondered what it all means, what is true and what is just one person’s opinion.

I’d like to offer you my opinion, my research and how I see this all evolving, would you like to hear it?

I’m assuming only those that said yes are still here, so let’s do this!

To begin with we need to understand where we are right now in 2020, 7 years out from this mysterious New Paradigm, living in the depths of chaos and uncertainty.

We are at the end of a 400 year era, each era we live through has an Incarnation Cross all of it’s own that represents the ‘job’ of the era, it’s the purpose of the era let’s say, currently we are living under the Cross of Planning and everything that has been built is now transforming, the illusion is that it’s falling apart but the truth is it’s changing, we’re upgrading.

The Cross of planning has given us institutions, industry, structure and hierarchy to bring the tribe together and move our world forward and progress. This time has been represented by the formalisation of Education, Healthcare, Industry, Agriculture, Finance, Governments, Corporate Business, the Media and so on.

For most of the 400 years we have seen lots of positive growth for good, humanity has improved the standard of living, become more connected globally, created value to trade, learned and advanced our planet and experienced exponential growth in all most area’s of life. Governments have evolved as has education, healthcare, industry, tech, finance, business, etc. and now all these structures are beginning to fall apart, the time of change is upon us.

We are also coming to the end of a period where we have been heavily mind associated, it’s our thinking that changed the world, it’s evolving humanity and got us where we are today. We have been living in a time where Ajna Awareness has dominated and that’s what we needed at the time however things here are also beginning to change as we move toward an era where Solar Plexus Awareness will become our leading awareness, dominated by feeling and spirit.

Right now in 2020 we are on the runway and taxiing, awaiting take off, meaning we are moving toward the change, this New Paradigm but it’s going to take time before we get there, before the gifts of 2027 take flight.

The next 7 years are a time where the old institutions must fall apart, not completely but they must pivot to serve a changing world and humanity, no longer will we be told who we are, what to think and what we must consume, we are moving to a time where the individual has a voice that matters and these institutions must listen and evolve or die as people will no longer stand for this dictatorial and manipulative way.

We are living in a time where humanity is no longer in its childhood, nor a teenager, we are on the verg of growing up and this is such an important point, we must all be asking ourselves “Am I growing up or refusing to take the responsibility of being an adult?”

Are you choosing to see growth as good, different as beautiful and that is love more important than anything?

Let’s now talk about where we’re going, let’s talk about the next Incarnation Cross, the Cross of Sleeping Phoenix.

The first thing we know of the Phoenix is that it rises from the ashes and before you go there, no the planet does not need to burn for us to rise (although sadly it has done a lot of that recently), however we do need to stop resisting the metaphorical burning to allow the change.

What I mean is having an attitude of what can rise from this? Whenever you’re faced with an inevitable challenge, tragedy or failure. However please know that all of these things are external clues showing us that change is coming and we must have faith in the good things, have faith in the Phoenix!

There is a natural rhythm to transformation, first we experience breakdown, yep that is definitely happening now in all area’s of industry, government, education, healthcare, finance, etc. Yes, it’s fair to say things are breaking down.

Those of you that have invested in what Ra Uru Hu had to say on this subject may feel a little nervous or down right terrified as he talked about this breakdown in extensively dark ways, in fact I have had a number of people question me on the New Paradigm purely because they’re afraid of what this breakdown might bring.

I’m not discussing what Ra may or may not have said however what I do want everyone to understand is that Ra had his Personality Sun in Gate 51, the Gate of Shock, one of his major energies was to shock people and initiate them to step up, when he used his words to shock people it was an invitation for people to raise their consciousness and change. He was not talking from facts he was talking from this energy, he channeled HD, he did not predict the future and even if he did we have free will, nothing is set in stone, the future is still in our hands.

We are beginning to see the next phase of transformation and that is breakthrough or Phoenix if you like, so put your energy and focus on these sometimes tiny and sometime huge breakthroughs because this is where your power to serve the planet lies, in the focusing of your energy!

Let’s unpack The Cross of the Sleeping Phoenix, the ‘job’ of this New Paradigm and be really obvious to begin with….it’s a Phoenix people, how beautiful is that? Humanity is REBIRTHING in this next era, we are moving from thinking and mind identification to feeling and spirit identification and rising like a Pheonix!!

The Cross is made up of Gates 34 – Power of the Great(Self empowerment), Gate 20 – Direction of the Now, Gate 59 – Sexuality (Deeply connecting) and Gate 55 – Abundance of Spirit, and of course the 20-34 makes the Channel of Charisma.

So let’s unpack this a little; It’s going to a time of self empowerment and charisma, of people being themselves and expressing their abundant spirit through the wave of emotion that spirit wants to experience. It’s going to be a time of deep physical connection and intimacy (watch out social media, you’re going to have to change) and the birthing of new business as well as other forms of life and with more presence is and response to the now.

Yep it sounds pretty frickin’ good to me, so what’s the catch?

Free will and a huge lack of responsibility, that’s the catch!!

We are moving toward a beautiful time of great potential, of grace and joy, individuality and connection. A time where we can relax and enjoy our life and become abundantly wealthy in all good things…BUT…if you want this then you have to take 100% responsibility stop resisting change and focus your energy wisely.

Resistance is the number one thing that gets in your way, resistance to trust, resistance to be you, resistance to speak up, to forgive and to love fully, resistance is holding this planet back and keeping it connected to fear.

The only reason for resistance is fear, fear of being out of control, fear of being rejected, fear of not being good enough, fear of not being loved and so on, we all have fear however we also have a thing called free will, we have the choice to choose, to be in resistance or not and this Global shift depends on as many of us as possible exercising our free will, trusting the process and taking full responsibility for what we can control and that’s our energy!

The reason transformation begins with breakdown is because something has to get so painful that you have to change and in that moment you stop resisting, go all in and courageously jump off the cliff of change awaiting the breakthrough to show itself, knowing its coming all the time but having no f***ing idea when, how or from where.

This is where we are at right now.

So what do you do about it?

Firstly no longer resist the chaos, know that all this uncomfortable uncertainty is bringing us to where we need to be, get used to feeling uncomfortable and using your voice, focus your energy on growth not blame and know you have everything you need to do your part.

Next, stop contributing to the chaos, you know what I’m talking about! Stop doing, saying and being the small version of you that operates from fear and insecurity and step into your higher self that sees possibility, opportunity and the love of this Universe we’re a part of.

You’re energy is everything.

Where you invest your energy will be what makes the difference in the long run, the world will be what we see it to be so where are you investing your huge imagination and energy?

I believe the reason Human Design has come to the world when it has and in the way it has because we need two very important messages as we move toward the New Paradigm and a time on Individualisation;

  1. The most important thing we can do for the planet is to fully love and accept ourselves as we are, to know our gifts and use them, to learn what we need to let go of and to fully know our own energetic power! HD is all about being authentically YOU!
  2. No one really owns the knowledge as it’s channelled and the guidance is to experimented with your HD to uncover why you were designed this way and what’s specifically true for you, there is not one Guru, there are many teachers interpreting HD their way so that you can know your Design YOUR WAY

This new era is about Individualisation and this is not a dirty word, it is the ultimate power, because when we are in love with our own differences then we can love everyone’s differences! To be an individual is to be different, this is the ear we are moving toward!!

HD is the perfect metaphor for the transition into the New Paradigm. The world needs YOU, it needs your energy just as it was designed to be, nothing more and nothing less. Your HD gives you a permission slip to be all you, use it and BE YOU, LOVE YOU!

The thing that really stood out for me in all my years of studying Human behaviour was that at the bottom or every person’s issue was the fear that “if I am fully me, warts and all, I will not be loved.” This fear comes from within us all and it’s time to stop believing it and start investing our energy in loving and accepting ourselves so that we can fully love and accept the rest of the Universe.

This run up to the New Paradigm is all about discovering who you are at an energetic level and being you, warts and all, and to put down the judgemental voice in your head and programming in your mind no matter what value it seems to have. Question everything but choose not to blame or make someone else wrong and chalk every challenge, unresourceful experience and fear up to growth.

Your aligned energy is your power, your voice, your purpose and your gift so use it wisely, choose to be with the Phoenix and rise, learn to be powerful not forceful, realise how much less you can do to receive so much more! Let go of thinking your way to a solution and trust your energy to know what’s correct for you, and if you are brave enough to do all this then YOU will change the world!

Big love, Mxx

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