The New Paradigm

blog articles Apr 20, 2021

In Human Design we talk about the New Paradigm that begins in 2027 and what’s going on in the world right now is setting us up for it.

We’re finishing up a 400 year era that’s been about building the tribe, building communities, institutions and creating ‘likeness’ meaning bringing people that are alike together to grow and thrive…

As we move toward 2027 it’s on us to heal the unresourceful separation that came with this era, the part of us that’s says someone is better or worse because they are different…

In this time NOW the whole world is united towards one goal…eradicate this virus…

Do you hear me…we are globally united for one purpose for the first time in history!!

The world will never be the same and that’s a good thing, finally we’re learning to work together ❤️

What are you loving about your new world?

Big love, Mxx


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