The Human Design Podcast Episode #263 April 2023 Transit Update

podcast Mar 31, 2023

In this episode, I welcome back the amazing Jenni Crowther as I do each month, to review March and take a look at the transits for April 2023. The purpose of these transit episodes is to help you reflect on the previous month and notice things you may have not picked up, but also to prepare for the energies and transits that are coming so that you can set specific intentions and goals that are in alignment with your design.


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Overall, April is going to be feel a lot like "picking the fruit" from the seeds that you have been planting, as both Liz Zamorski and Jenni describe in detail on this episode. We talk a lot about this "renewal" feeling and about cycles, letting go and deciding what comes with you on the next phase of your journey, and what needs to stay in the past. Let's take a deeper look...

As usual, we start off with a monthly card pull by Liz Zamorski! Liz shares that April is going to be so abundant, balanced, and aligned. It's all about coming back into your body and feeling at home. Once there, trust yourself to step into the newness of life! It's time to use all of those tools you've accumulated and put them into action. You'll have some decisions to make as you attract multiple opportunities, but don't be afraid to take a moment to let your body (not your mind) walk you through the decision process. Do this, and you'll be unstoppable

I kick off my discussion with Jenni by reviewing the energies we felt in March. Jenni shares how the emotional definition of the transits left her feeling a heavy, profound sense of grief and how she was able to hold space for herself and process those big emotions. Even though it felt challenging at times, there was beauty and strength as well. We dive into emotional definition and waves, then discuss the empathy the transits were able to bring for those who aren't emotionally defined.

As we move into April, we look at The Channel of Initiation and then discuss that April is a time where you are going to get to take action and actually DO. Jenni shares her obsession with Gate 55 and we look into the awareness of the Father Wound and how this could turn up for you (I know it has for me!). 

Jenni looks at the Sun transits as a whole and points out the presence of the Ego Gates. This will be a time where you want to bite through all of the fluff in your life. To let go of the things that are extra and don't really matter. As you name these things and release them, you will be able to take action and take control of your time and resources.

During this time, Jupiter (abundance) and Chiron (the wounded healer) are also in Gate 51. Paired with the Sun moving into Gate 51, you’ll feel an energy of leaping forward, a competitive energy that might drive you to take action and get things done. In a lower expression, it could be very comparative or “I’m better than you.” This energy is complemented by Gate 25, Universal Love, in the Channel of Initiation. We can channel these feelings of competitiveness into a need to commune with people who have similar beliefs, perhaps religious, and create a sense of belonging and connectedness. It’s also a time to learn to love yourself and begin practices that will foster a greater connectedness with yourself.

Next, as the Sun begins to transit through the Sacral Gates. As the Sun moves into Gate 42, we talk about closing old cycles (at least for now) and how the pairing of the Earth in Gate 32 helps to show us what we can end and what we can take forward. On April 16th, Pluto, who is still transiting through Gate 60, will create a channel with the Sun in Gate 3. This energy is all about individual transformation. It can be surprising, unpredictable, and quite a process to make sense of. Be prepared for individual evolution!

On April 22nd, the Sun moves into Gate 27, The Gate of Caring. The Earth transits through Gate 28, The Gate of the Game Player. Last week may have presented some challenges as you learned to accept a new way of being. This week, give yourself and others grace, compassion, and nourishment as you sort through finding purpose. Be sure to nurture yourself and provide yourself with nourishment so you don't burn out. It’s all about balance and finding the middle wayhow can I care for others while also taking care of myself? Also, that new thing you've created will also need nourishment to grow and thrive.

Next, we focus on the meaning of a "retrograde" and dive into how Mercury Retrograde tends to get a bad rap, but it’s often teaching us to slow down and give more time for things to unravel. Mercury starts the process of retrograde in early April and around mid-April will full go into retrograde. Mercury is all about communication and since we communicate often via technology, the retrograde process my impact this. Have patience and allow more time to get things done – this way, if things to go wrong, it won’t make quite as big of an impact if you’ve planned for it.

Finally, we wrap up our April Transits talk with bringing it back to Gate 55 and Saturn. Jenni reminds us of our Father Wound conversation and discusses the seemingly conflicting energies of Saturn's structure and Gate 55's abundant spirit. We then have a proper rant about creating sacred (to us) rituals that connect us to spirit and finding ways to connect and ground back into Earth.

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