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blog articles Apr 21, 2021
shed the covid kgs with human design

So if you’re in my FB group you’ll know that I’m running a Vitality experiment to increase my energy, fitness and wellbeing and reduce the extra winter and COVID padding.

In the past I have been super active, always at the gym doing HIIT, strength and cardio and honestly although I didn’t always love it at the time I did love the way it made me feel in my own skin, which is my ultimate goal, to feel great in my own skin.

As always I am all about making things easier, do less, receive more, perfect for HD as this is ultimately the underlying Principle to minismise resistance and increase flow, so why not make it easier for myself in fitness and health as well?

So HOW am I going to run this experiment I hear you all asking, ok here goes:

  1. Practice my PHS, from experimenting with my PHS these are the things I practice for the best digestion.
    • Colour Touch Calm
      1. Create calm environments to eat
      2. Only eat when I feel calm inside and out
      3. Take my time to make food and eat it
      4. Be in my own Aura
    • Tone Outer Vision
      1. Eat while watching an interesting video
      2. Eat with a view
      3. Eat food that looks aesthetically pleasing
      4. Write a meal plan I can see
    • Allow myself to change my mind as to what to eat as many times as my Solar Plexus chooses, if I don’t want to eat what is on my meal plan then I’m free to choose something else.
  2. Experiment with my right Environment Arrow, bottom left arrow on your bodygraph.(Right is passive environment, left is active environment). This arrow shows us how our physical body is designed when it comes to activity, active or passive. Whichever you are, being in alignment with this will give you greater longevity, wellbeing and success. My experiment is;
    • Swap the high intensity cardio for 12,000 steps daily
    • Swap Strength training for Yoga
    • Intention to do it everyday however allowing my defined Solar Plexus final say as it is inherently inconsistency, BUT I will check in with my Sacral for a second opinion to make sure I don’t use “I don’t feel like it” as an excuse.
  3. Extra additions;
    • Sleep 7.5 to 8.5 hours a night, as many hours as possible before midnight as they are the most important for recovery
    • Drink 3.5 litres of water a day
    • Stick to my set calories for each day (I use MyFitnessPal)
    • I’ve got a meal plan as well because I have a tone of Outer Vision and need to see a visual plan BUT because I have a defined Solar Plexus I allow myself flexibility within my meal plan

Honestly this experiment does make me feel fear, will I lose the weight? Can I build the strength? Will it actually work? All questions that keep coming up BUT I’m all in with HD and I have always felt somewhere deep inside that I don’t need to force myself so hard in the Gym, that there is an easier way!

My mind is still very conditioned around exercise so daily I will be doing gratitude focused on my vitality and how I feel in my body, I’ll also face and myth bust unresourceful beliefs and fears that come up, challenge them by asking the following quetions;

  1. Is this true? eg I can’t lose weight walking and doing yoga? My results show so far that I have already lost weight and feel so much better, ie energy increase
  2. Has there been a time when this was not true? Find evidence in the past that proves your fear untrue and 99% of the time your will have evidence in the past of a fear being false so keep looking till you find it!
  3. What is specifically better now I’m practicing this experiment? All my answers give my brain evidence that this is working and therefore what it needs to change my habits and behaviour long term, the ‘proof’ will also increase my results as my brain is on my side.
  4. What am I grateful for? I’m listing all the good feelings, experiences, results, etc. that I’m receiving
  5. Is there anything I could do even better to feel even better?

So who’s in? If you want to join me you have your action plan, unpack your PHS, if you haven’t already, outline what physical activity you’re choosing that is aligned to your Environment and get into the FB and share your results.

If you have any questions drop them in the FB group!

I’m pumped about feeling AMAZING and sharing this adventure with you all!!

Big love, Mxx

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