Mini Type Experiment: 3 Things To Stop Doing & Start Doing For Each Type - The Human Design Podcast #304

podcast Aug 29, 2023

In today's episode, I'm running you through a super simple and practical Type Experiment, and giving each Type 3 "do's and don'ts". I walk through each Type and give 3 things to stop doing and 3 things to start doing right now to get the results immediately and start running your experiment.

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Human Design can be overwhelming and confusing, but always remember to bring it back to Type, Strategy and Authority. The purpose of this episode is to bring you back to the basics OR give you a super simple place to start if you're new to HD and wondering how to integrate it into your life right now.

I also tell an incredible story of our own business and how we sold out our Mastermind before we ever made it public! I shared this as a reminder of what it's like when you learn to live in alignment with your design and trust yourself.

I hope you enjoy today's mini experiment, and reach out on Instagram @the_human_design_coach and let me know how you're going!

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