Judgement and Disconnection...

blog articles Apr 21, 2021
judgement and disconnection

Why are there so many unhappy, disillusioned, stressed out and grumpy people out there today?

Why is stress the number one health issue in the corporate sector today even though everyone is talking about meditation, eating well and exercise?

Why is it so hard to motivate and inspire great teams and leadership right now?

The answer to all these questions is one thing…People are completely disconnected from or too afraid to be who they are!!

We have created a culture, at least in the western world where publicly shaming and criticising others is ok, in fact more than that it’s championed by certain parts of the mainstream media, this has taught people that it’s a good thing to judge others and share your negative opinion with whomever will listen even if unsolicited or with no basis in fact or value.

This behaviour has had a damning effect on our self worth, suicide rates are rising and our children are suffering from anxiety and depression at younger and younger ages and it feels like every second person has had at least one turn on the merry-go-round of depression and anxiety (including myself).

We are bombarded with opinions and versions of the truth on social media, with a few influencers using their numbers to actually do their part for real lasting positive change, the rest selling products they don’t even believe in or use.

The problem is most people are disconnected from who they are and their authenticity, a word bandied around but seldom actually embodied, it’s locked away, hidden, even shamed and criticised by them, kept small so it will never be revealed to the world.

People are scared to be ‘authentic’ because what if they’re not enough, rejected or fail, what would they have to endure then? What would people say?

There is every reason why people are judging, criticising and rejecting themselves through the words they speak in the privacy of their own mind, they are trying to remain unseen, unhurt and safe from the toxicity of a critical and judgemental society.

It has become harder than ever to rise up and lead in a new way, in the way people are craving these new leaders to be, to be truthful, genuine authentic and imperfect. To be a leader who is comfortable with all of them self, the good the bad and the ugly. We need leaders who are connected to their inner guide not their inner critic.

People it’s time to stop comparing yourself to others or listening to unsolicited, unresouceful, negative feedback from people you hardly know. It’s time to start believing in the possibilities still ahead and listening to that quiet voice of your inner self, your inspiration. No wonder you are so disconnected and hidden from sight, it takes a courageous and vulnerable person to put themselves out there for the world to see, especially in this judgemental and critical environment but it’s time and we need you.

The way we will change this planet and it’s people is an inside job, we must reconnect to who we are on the inside and discover our unique super powers and gifts that the world needs us to bring. It is time to stop giving a shit about what random people you hardly know think about you and at the same time find your voice to let those close to you know exactly the way YOU would like to be treated.

It is time to get to know yourself, to rejoice in your imperfections and courageously share them with the world. We need a new type of leader now, not the old school almighty leader who seems invincible and heroic, we need the every person leader that knows what they have and who they are is important and needed in the world.

It’s time to stop fearing what might go wrong or what people will say and reconnect to who we are on the inside, to discover your superpowers and genius and celebrate them, to be wise enough to know when to speak up and when to allow others to be heard and time to embrace ourselves entirely.

Once we learn to reconnect to ourselves, to value and love ourselves we automatically connect, value and love others. So who are you on the inside? And why are you here? Discover the answers and honour them!!

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