I Never Finish ANYTHING!

blog articles Apr 21, 2021

This is a statement I hear all the time, in fact it’s something I used to say all the time becasue it felt sooooo true and it parts was.

I’m really grateful that HD gave me permission to be inconsistent because between my defined Solar Plexus and being a Manifesting Generator it’s my energy to be “inconsistent’, however I was really curious to know, was I using my natural energy resourcefully or unresourcefully? Was I making excuses to play small and telling myself it’s my HD it must be true?

I 100% was! I was using my HD as an excuse to stay small!

Being an MG means I am a non-linea being, sure, and I’m guided to jump from one thing to another when it’s correct for me to do so, I also want to do all the things, most of the time, not helped by having an open G meaning that I can achieve my purpose in oh so many ways BUT I used to have this niggling feeling that I was using this “non-linea” information as an excuse not to follow what really lights me up and what my soul was calling for.

After questioning this for some time now and choosing to experiment with this “inconsistency” I’ve learned that I can’t lie to myself like I used to, I can’t use “I don’t feel like it” as an excuse not to do the things my soul is quietly asking me to do, to be the person I was born to be.

Now I’m aware of this niggling feeling that’s guiding me to where my soul really wants me to go and I realised that often I had been quitting too soon and chalking it up to “I don’t have emotional clarity”, “I don’t have energy for this” or “I’m a non-linea being and I just don’t feel like it!” and honestly I was standing in my own way.

The beauty of knowing your HD is that you can move through life with more flow and less resistance for sure but are you using your design as an excuse to stay small and stay in your comfort zone, to block your growth and prevent your soul from knowing your full potential in this lifetime?

Your HD is a gift, one that allows you to know yourself better than ever, a gift to lift you up, empower you and for you to serve this planet and make it a better world for us all.

We need you to stop using it as a shield for your fear, be brave, step into your potential.

You’ve got this my friends, I want to see you shine!!

Big love, Mxx

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