Flow: A Practice Not a Destination

blog articles Apr 21, 2021

The Question I ask myself often lately is “What does freedom mean now?”

As life is changing so fast I am conscious to keep checking in with myself to make sure I am creating from my soul, not my mind, freedom is one of my highest values so I want to make sure I am connected to what that means for me at an energetic and soul level.

The answer that keeps coming up is “flow”, freedom means flow, the freedom to flow with my energy, to create easily and to have space to be in and enjoy the now.

I used to worry about the future a lot, always thinking about my future self and the new identity I was creating but it often just took me out my body and my flow and put me into my mind, truth is this is a habit I can get lost in still today.

So if freedom means flow for me then how do I create more flow?

To begin with I realised that like meditation, flow is a practice, the ability to let go of my thinking, my have to’s, my lists, and be in my body so I can experience my energy IN MY BODY not just a thought sense of my energy.

The next is to balance my future self work and trusting the universe to fill in the blanks, to bring life experiences to me that are far better than I can think up.

Ironically we think our way to our HD in so many cases instead of allowing our energy to show us the way.

So I invite you to practice a felt sense of your energy, instead of thinking it, FEEL it without judgement, expectation or interference.

Feel what it’s like to be free to be you!

In the beginning it can be challenging but keep practicing it and you’ll get better at being in the now, feeling your energy and being in flow!

We all deserve freedom, wellbeing, love and abundance and truth is it’s much easier to receive if we allow ourselves to flow.

Big love, Mxx

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