Elijah Parker on The Venus Sequence: Exploring Love and Relationships with The Gene Keys - The Human Design Podcast #297

podcast Aug 06, 2023

On this episode, I talk with the incredible Elijah Parker from The Gene Keys. Elijah is a 6/2 Sacral Generator, LAX Cycles 2 and an incredible wealth of knowledge! We chat about the Gene Keys and give an overview, and then take a DEEP dive into the Venus Sequence exploring love and relationships. I know you will be as mind-blown as I was at Elijah's ability to take something so complex and make it so simple.

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Elijah Parker has dedicated the last decade to integrating the language of the Gene Keys deeply into his life. This has given him a unique ability to transmit profound truths in a spontaneous and elegant manner. A core member of the Gene Keys business team, Elijah is a master of both left and right brain modalities, using his wide range of technical skills, including video editing, animation, music, and web design to help create learning systems, virtual retreats, and expressive art. Elijah is best known for his writing on "Akasha: Game of Life" project, his personal sessions and Gene Keys readings, and his collaborative work with the OneDoorLand art and music community.

This was one of the most powerful conversations I've had around the Venus Sequence, and I invite all of you to grab your free Gene Keys profile here and play along during the episode: https://genekeys.com/free-profile/. You will want a notebook, a pen and the copy of the Gene Keys if you have it! If you need a copy, I highly recommend getting one here.

Big Love, Mxx

Instagram @fractaldoors and @genekeys
Elijah's Website: https://fractaldoors.com/
Web: www.genekeys.com
Free Gene Keys Profile: https://genekeys.com/free-profile
Gene Keys Newsletter: https://genekeys.com/newsletter/

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