Easy Solutions For Healthy Skin with CLEARSTEM Founders Kayleigh Christina and Danielle Gronich - The Human Design Podcast #323

podcast Dec 11, 2023

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Kayleigh Christina and Danielle Gronich, founders of ClearStem, share their journey of starting a skincare brand focused on addressing the root causes of acne. Danielle is a 5/1 Sacral Manifesting Generator, and Kayleigh is a 2/4 Emotional Projector!

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They discuss the importance of clean and active skincare, the role of gut health and stress in skin issues, and provide tips for anti-aging and clearer skin. They also highlight the harmony and collaboration in their partnership and the creation of their Mind Body Skin supplement. Overall, ClearStem aims to provide holistic solutions for acne and promote healthy, radiant skin.

In this episode:

  • Addressing the root causes of acne
  • Clean and active skincare products that can help improve skin health and prevent acne
  • Why taking care of gut health, managing stress, and drinking mineralized water are important for overall skin health
  • Building a successful business partnership
  • Experimentation and finding what works for your unique skin
  • Scientific research in the field of biohacking often neglects the complexity of women's bodies due to the challenges posed by their menstrual cycles
  • How Clearstem Skincare products are designed with a combination of nurturing and values, aiming to provide relief and support to individuals struggling with skin issues
  • Finding skincare solutions that work for you

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