Building A Better Team Starts With You

blog articles Apr 21, 2021
building better teams

Building better teams is all about empowering people to be better versions of themselves, to take responsibility for their results and giving them the opportunity to experience what they are really capable of.

If you have children you’ll know that you can tell them what to do until you’re blue in the face but they won’t do what you want them to do but the moment you drop the F bomb in front of them it’s the only thing they can say for the next three days, well the reason for this is because children do not do what we tell them, they model who we are being to learn how to be in their world and your team is exactly the same.

If you’re frustrated and tired of fixing ‘problems’ that are not yours or asking for things to be done and getting nothing then this is the article for you.

When you’re managing people the person you are ‘being’ will influence the entire teams results, if you’re not taking responsibility neither will they, if you’re not listening to them then they will not hear you, if you are not completing or meeting deadlines then you’re teaching them it’s ok not to deliver.

To have a great team we must be a great leader and that begins with responsibility and integrity. If you say you’ll do something then do it, if your team is not getting the results then discover what’s going on, if there is unrest between team members or at home then listen to what’s going on for them.

The next skill you need is the ability to ask great questions and listen. Being able to really listen and ‘hold space’ means not forming opinions or stories in your mind while waiting to respond, it means paying attention to what’s not being said and what’s really going on for the person you’re listening to. And the questions you ask must be to get clear on the ultimate outcome not focused on fault, blame or covering your bum!!

Build a team culture that says it’s ok to get it wrong. One of my favourite quotes for this is “You’re either winning or learning”, in times where things don’t go to plan, targets aren’t met or ‘mistakes’ are made use them as learning opportunities. How can we do things differently next time? What was working? Did we give it the time it really needs to succeed? These and many other questions will teach you and the team that these are all opportunities along the road to creating better results

Building better teams is all about empowering people to take responsibility, feel safe to move outside their comfort zone, be ok with making mistakes and having a safe environment for honest communication and the way to facilitate this for your team is to master these things yourself.

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